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Disclaimer: A work of fiction; the recognizable people in the story belong to themselves and have never performed the actions portrayed here. I do not know the actors nor am I associated with them in any way. If you are underage, please do not read this story. I am not making any profit from these stories, nor do I mean any harm.

Title: Bothered
Pairing: ew,dm,bb
Rating: pg-13
Summary: unspoken words were (mis)understood
Notes: set in ’99 New Zealand.

The music pulsated in the dark nightclub and bodies moved in time to it, hot and sweaty. Elijah was one of those bodies. He danced frantically, with nobody and everybody, his eyes closed, hips moving, feeling the music. His cheeks were flushed and sweat ran down his back, making his black dress shirt cling to his thin torso.

He turned and a girl pushed herself against his body. He put his hands on her hips and closed his eyes again, moving their hips together with the music. The song changed, becoming louder, faster. The girl moved her hands up his chest and pressed her lips to his throat. They still moved together, in time to the music, grinding against one another. He felt her make a wet path from his jaw to his ear. Her teeth teased his earlobe before her tongue dipped inside. He moved one hand over her spine to rest on the back of her neck to push her closer. He opened his eyes and saw Dominic.

The room condensed around Elijah and he straightened up a bit. Dom’s mouth was moving and Elijah focused on those lips, unable to hear words over the music. He thought about tipping his head just a bit and kissing them and the thought made him smile. He wondered what Dom would do. He reached his free hand out, grabbing Dom’s shoulder, pulling him closer and into the dance. Dom put one hand on the girl’s back, who smiled up at him, grinding her hip against his; his other hand he put on the back of Elijah’s neck and pressed his lips close to Elijah’s other, unmolested ear.

“Billy and I are taking off. Orli’s still around.”

Dom started to pull away and Elijah’s hand slipped to his waist. The girl continued her grind and Elijah pulled him into the dance. Dom smiled, shaking his head no and leaned back in.

“Bill’s waiting outside.”

“Orli left. Dance.” Elijah gave his most charming look, moving his hips against Dom’s. The girl reached her hand up to his neck and laughed. Dom laughed back, moving her hand and pulling away from Elijah. He took a step back and raised a hand in goodbye. Elijah reached out and grabbed it, holding him in place. He leaned down and talked in the girl’s ear. She replaced her smile with a pout but moved back into the other bodies, wagging her fingers at them, then turning, swaying her hips, looked for another partner.

Both boys watched her go then turned and laughed at each other. Elijah dropped Dom’s hand and leaned in close to talk in his ear.

“Let’s go.”

“Stay. I think she’d like you to.”

“Lead on, Dom. No fun if you’re not here.”

Dom rolled his eyes but turned and led Elijah out. They exited the club and Elijah felt the cold air hit his damp shirt. He turned his head to look at Dom under the neon lights and wondered again about kissing him.

They slowly walked across the parking lot, not speaking. Elijah kept bumping his shoulder and hip into Dom, trying to knock him off course. Dom walked on, kicking his foot out every now and then in a vain effort to trip Elijah.

Elijah looked up and saw Billy sitting on the hood of Dom’s car. His head was tilted straight back, looking at the dark sky, lips moving though they were still to far away to hear what he was saying.

“Is he drunk,” Elijah asked.

Dom looked up, saw Billy and smiled, not answering.

“Orlando left like a half hour ago.”

“Did he?”

“He was with someone.”


“A guy.”

“You offended?”

“No, just saying. It doesn’t bother me.”

Dom stopped walking. When Elijah realized it, he stopped as well, turning on the gravel to face Dom. Dom was still looking ahead to where Billy waited. They could hear now that Billy was singing. Elijah waited until Dom looked at him.



“If I told you I was attracted to men, it wouldn’t bother you?”

Dom’s eyes still focused on him and Elijah felt a bolt of something—excitement? need?—go down his back and felt himself grow hard. He was blushing and could feel the heat traveling down his neck. He didn’t feel the cold anymore. He focused on Dom’s lips and licked at his own.

“No,” he breathed.

“Good.” Dom winked at him and started walking again. Elijah turned to follow, a smile playing on his lips. Billy heard them coming and stopped singing, turning his head to look at them.

“Orli left.” Dom said.

“Did he?”

“With a bloke.”


“So says Elijah. He’s decided to go with us.” Elijah watched as Billy raised an eyebrow and Dom smirked in response and headed around to unlock the door.

“He also called shotgun.”

“Did he? There’s a cheeky lad.”

Elijah smiled at him and shook his head. “You’re completely smashed aren’t you?”

“So says Elijah,” he slurred. Billy slid off the hood of the car, knocking into Elijah. Elijah reached out and steadied him then helped Billy into the backseat, slamming the door. He opened the front door and got in next to Dom.

They rode listening to Billy sing again. Dom stopped for a light and Elijah watched as he flipped the rearview mirror down and looked at Billy. Elijah twisted to look in the backseat. Billy had his head tipped back, eyes closed, fingers tapping a rhythm on his knees. Elijah watched as Billy opened his eyes and focused on Dom’s in the mirror. He wondered if Billy wondered about kissing Dom. The light turned and Dom flipped the mirror back into place and turned left.

“You’re going left.”

“You sense of direction is impeccable, Frodo,” Billy said before going back to his song.

Dom chuckled and drove on.

“I’m closer to you than Billy.”

Elijah watched as Dom’s eyes flicked back to the mirror before looking over to him and speaking.

“Are you?”

Elijah sighed because he didn’t know if they were still talking about living space. He reached over to switch the radio on, drowning out Billy’s voice. He scanned the stations until he found something he liked. He sat back heavily in the seat and watched as Dom’s fingers reached out and turned the radio back off.

It was silent in the car now and Elijah looked back again at Billy. His head was turned to look out the side window, his fingers playing with the pull of his coat’s zipper. Elijah felt the chill again on his skin.

“You’re not drunk, are you?”

“Does it bother you?”

Elijah sighed again and turned back to look at Dom. He was now quite sure that they didn’t wonder about kissing each other.


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