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Disclaimer: A work of fiction; the recognizable people in the story belong to themselves and have never performed the actions portrayed here. I do not know the actors nor am I associated with them in any way. If you are underage, please do not read this story. I am not making any profit from these stories, nor do I mean any harm.

Title: Play
Pairing: bb/dm
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Billy’s a tease and Dom’s impatient
Notes: Thanks to Kia for the beta. And thanks to [ profile] dutch_eowyn for wondering.

The houselights were down and the actors were performing upon the stage, but for Dom, the show was right next to him. Billy's leg was pressed tight against his, the heat reminding him of what they had left unfinished in their hurry to get to the theatre on time. In frustration, he worried the cuticle of his thumbnail between his teeth. He could envision Billy as he had been, pressed against the wall, moaning as Dominic scraped his teeth along his collarbone, further unbuttoning his dress shirt.

Dominic shifted in his seat, attempting to adjust himself discreetly. He turned his head slightly and saw Billy's profile, saw his eyes focused on the stage. Apparently, he wasn't thinking of the way their hips had grinded against one another's, rubbing their cocks together through the fabric of their dress trousers. Billy wasn’t thinking of how Dominic had suggested staying in the hotel that night, while licking the shell of Billy's ear, nibbling on his earlobe. Nope, he wasn't considering that at all, just sitting there watching the bloody play.

Dominic sighed heavily. His leg began to twitch impatiently up and down, rubbing against Billy's. Billy jerked his hand out and grabbed Dominic's thigh, forcing his leg still, digging his fingers into his skin before patting the spot twice and removing his hand. Dominic sat up straight, moving to let his shoulder rest heavily against Billy's as he settled back into his seat. He sighed again, attempting and failing to focus on the dialogue. Then Billy leaned in close and breathed against Dominic's ear, forcing shivers down his back. Dominic held his breath.

"Impatient?" Billy whispered.

Closing his eyes, Dom nodded his head.

"Want to leave at intermission?"

Dom turned his head and looked into Billy’s eyes. Their mouths inches apart, Dominic thought about how easy it would have been to just incline his head that short distance.

Billy, seeming to notice where those eyes were focused, chuckled quietly, sliding his hand back down to Dom's thigh.


Billy calmly followed Dom into the cab, gave the driver their hotel name and relaxed into his seat as the cab pulled away. He looked over at Dom, who was slouched in his seat, his leg pressed against Billy's again. One of Dom's feet was tapping anxiously, his fingers keeping rhythm on his knees, his eyes looking out the window. Billy smirked, reaching over to stroke his hand. "Patience."

Squeezing Billy’s hand back, Dom made an effort to still his body. He crossed his arms over his chest and began to think of anything but the man sitting next to him. Except it didn’t work that way…everything made him think of Billy.

A few minutes later, the cab slowed to a stop behind a long row of cars, red brake lights stretching endlessly. Dom sat up in his seat, craning his neck around to look out the front windshield. The cab came to a complete stop, and the driver seemed to sink back into his seat, as though he expected to be there a while. "What's going on?" Dom asked the driver.

"Don't know, probably an accident up ahead.” The driver absently waved his hand towards the line of cars in front of them.

"Do you know another way around?" Dom heard Billy chuckle while the driver studiously ignored him. Feeling a hand tug on his shoulder, he fell back into his seat with an exaggerated sigh. Dom crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked out the side window again.

After a few minutes of silence, Billy asked, "So, how long have you been a cab driver?"

Dom rolled his eyes. That was the last thing he needed. He began to wonder if Billy was trying to slowly torture him.

"Since eighty-eight."

"Wow. You must have so many stories."

"The things I could tell you. I've seen it all."

"I bet you have. What's the worst?"

The cab driver started laughing, "I think some people believe they've rented a room.”

Billy laughed along with the driver, encouraging him to go on.

"What is it now? About five years ago..."

Dom drew in a sudden breath as he felt Billy’s hand begin to knead his upper thigh.

"So this girl takes off her top, right in the back..."

Billy watched the driver in the rearview mirror.

"And this other girl starts kissing her..."

Dom didn’t turn his head but continued to look out the window as Billy's hand slid further up to cover the bulge in his trousers. He bit the inside of his cheek to keep from gasping. Dropping his arms to clutch at the seat, he struggled not to move into the caress.

"And the guy, he's just sitting there watching so I figure he's probably jacking off 'cause I can't see his hands, you know..."

Billy made a noise of consent, nodding his head.

The driver laughed, his attention seeming to be on the line of cars moving up a bit.

Dom was desperately trying not to buck his hips or cry out while Billy's hand firmly stroked his erection through his dress trousers, the thin material growing damp. He leaned his head back against the seat, closing his eyes, his hands opening and closing reflexively on the worn cloth of the seat.

"So finally, the girls are just going at it and I say-" The driver stopped talking to answer a call on his radio.

Billy's hand didn’t stop as he watched the driver in the mirror.

Dom brought a hand up to his mouth, biting the knuckle of his thumb. Billy's hand was building up a long, steady rhythm, obviously designed to tease but not strong enough to bring relief.

The line of traffic began moving faster, until the cab was finally speeding along.

Billy flashed a look to Dom, then returned his eyes to the rearview mirror. "So...what happened then?"

The driver laughed, "Oh, I told them..."

Billy's hand stopped and Dom grabbed it, pressing it hard against his crotch. He jerked his head up at the sound of Billy's laughter and realized Billy was pulling away because they were stopped in front of the hotel.

Releasing Billy's hand, Dom struggled to open the car door, practically falling out onto the curb. Straightening up, he stood outside, taking in great gulps of chilly Canadian air, waiting for Billy to follow. He heard Billy's laugh again and then the cab door slammed shut.

"You know, Dom, you owe me half that hundred I gave him."

"The fare was that much?"

"No, you idiot. You were making such a scene, I had to tip him that much to keep from becoming one of his stories."

Dominic's mouth fell open as he tried to think of a response, something about Scots not knowing how to keep their hands to themselves. Billy saved him the trouble by leaning in close and saying, "You've cost me a hundred dollars and half a play. You'd better be worth it, Monaghan."

With that, Billy turned and walked into the hotel lobby.


Dom followed Billy through the lobby to the bank of elevators. Stepping on along with a family of four and another couple, Dom was pushed to the back, away from Billy, who was closest to the buttons.

"What floor is everyone going to?" Billy called out cheerily as the door closed.



"Daddy, you said *I* could push the buttons!"

Billy burst out laughing, his eyes crinkling as he moved away from the panel. "Well, come here, lad."

The little boy stepped up shyly and pressed the correct buttons. The car began to move.

“I’m on the twenty-eighth,” Billy said with a smile. “Can you get that for me?"

The youngster again reached up and hit a button.

"No, Ryan,” said an older man. “That's eighteen. Which is twenty-eight?"

As the boy tried and missed again, Dom rolled his eyes, suppressing a groan.

Billy stuck his finger out and hit one of the buttons. "Was that it?"

The little boy giggled, shaking his head, before he mashed his small hand against the panel again.

"Nah, I don’t think it was that one either. How about this one?" As Billy's fingers pressed another number, he cut his eyes to Dom, who had his face covered with his hands and was shaking his head from side to side.

The boy squealed, and another child, who had been clinging to a woman’s dress, suddenly jumped forward and hit a button.

Dom cursed under his breath hearing Billy and the boy’s giggles.

The car stopped at the sixth floor and a couple got off. As the door began to close, Dom moved over to stand nearer to the door, crossing his arms over his chest.

When the car began to move again, Billy smirked at Dom, then said, "You know, boys, you still haven't hit my floor. Perhaps we should hit all of them to make sure I get there."

The two boys laughed, attacking the panel and hitting every button.

The car jerked to a stop and the door opened onto the ninth floor. The boys stepped back against their parents' legs, covering their mouths with their hands as they looked up at Billy, all three of them giggling.

The door slid shut, the car moved, then opened onto the tenth floor.

"C'mon, silly boys.” Their mother herded them out as they waved good-bye to Billy.

The doors shut again and the car moved up to the next floor, opening onto the eleventh. As the doors began to shut, Dom took a step forward, resting his hand on Billy's waist and rubbing his erection against Billy's backside. Leaning in to Billy's ear, he whispered, "You. Are going to be. So. Sorry," punctuating each word with a thrust of his hips.

Billy started to laugh harder as the car stopped on the twelfth floor.


Thoroughly amused, Billy leaned his shoulder against the doorframe, watching as Dom tried and failed to open the door to their room with the key card. The fourth time the red light showed, Dom slammed the heel of his hand against the door.

Billy calmly took the card from Dom’s hand. Sliding it in then quickly pulling out, the light turned green and Billy turned the handle, pushing the door open and waving for Dom to go ahead of him.


“If you weren’t being so damned impatient…” The rest of Billy’s thought was disrupted as he found himself backed against a wall with Dom’s mouth on his own.

Dom tugged at Billy’s jacket, pulling it off his shoulders and attacking his neck, kissing and biting. “Want you so fucking bad.”

Billy smiled, closing his eyes as he let Dom take control…for the moment. Reaching his hands up, Billy tangled his fingers into Dom’s expertly messed hair, feeling the tips stiff with gel, soft near the scalp. He stroked behind Dom’s ear, then jerked Dom’s head back when he bit a little too hard. He raised an eyebrow to Dom’s smirk, pushing him back again, when he tried to continue. “Don’t be a brat.”

“Me? You’ve been teasing me all night long. You think I’m going to be gentle?”

“I think you’re going to be whatever I want you to be.” Billy pulled on Dom’s tie, tugging him back for a hard kiss before pushing him away. He walked over to the table and chairs, and draped his jacket over the back of the chair. Turning, he saw Dom fingering his tie as if he were unsure of his next move. “Tell me what you want, Dom.”


Billy’s laugh was low, taunting. “I know. But…tell me what you want. Do you want me to take you slowly? Tell you how much I love you while I make love to you? Or-”

Dom took a few hesitant steps forward, shaking his head. “I want you.”

“Do you want to take *me*? Lay me down on that bed and fuck me hard and rough for teasing you all night?”

“You’d deserve it.”

“I might. But is that what you want?”

“No,” Dom answered breathlessly, stroking his fingers across the silver buckle of Billy’s belt.

“Then tell me. Ask me.” Billy pressed his hand against Dom’s crotch, leaning in close to whisper, “Beg me.”

Dom’s eyes fluttered close and he dropped his head to Billy’s shoulder. “Please.”

“Please what?”

“Please fuck me.”

Again Billy laughed, gently pushing Dom away from him. He sat in the chair and watched for a long moment while Dom stood, his eyes closed, chest heaving, waiting for Billy’s commands. Billy loved him like that. “Take your shirt off.”

Dom tugged at the knot in tie, his anxious fingers making it difficult to remove. Finally, he dropped it to the floor and began unbuttoning his shirt. It caught on his wrists and he yanked it, feeling the button at the cuff give way. He dropped it at his feet and stood looking at Billy, at the silver that glinted between shirt and trouser.

Billy stood up, running his hand over Dom’s chest, running his fingernails over his hardened nipples and trailing them down his chiseled stomach. He moved to stand behind Dom, his fingers tracing over his spine. “Your body is very beautiful. So hard. So tight. So fuckable.”

Pressing his mouth to Dom’s shoulder, he bit down, only releasing when he heard Dom’s sharp intake of breath and muttered curse. “Not nice to bite is it?”

“Not nice to tease, either.”

Billy’s chuckled, leaning down to lick where he had bitten. He kissed up Dom’s shoulder to his ear, sucking on the lobe. “Better?”


“Take off your trousers.”

Billy walked to their bags and dug out a small bottle. He set it down on the table so that Dom could see it.

Dom licked his lips at the sight of the lube and stepped out of his trousers, kicking them away. Standing there in his tented boxers, he again stroked Billy’s belt.

“Go ahead, Dom. Take it off.”

Dom moved against him, letting his erection rub against Billy’s thigh as he ran his hands over the leather and back to the buckle. He unclasped it, listening to the soft sound of the leather being pulled through the belt loops. He set the belt into Billy’s waiting hand, kissing his jaw, his other hand clutching the back of Billy’s shirt.

“Tell me what you want, Dom. Tell me what you were thinking about that made you hard during the play.” Billy stroked Dom through the cotton of his boxers, the material slightly damp beneath his fingers.

“I was thinking about when you bound me for the first time. To your bed in Scotland. That night when it snowed and you tied me up and kissed me all over, making me beg you to make love to me.”

“The first time?”


Billy turned and pressed his body against Dom’s, kissing him while pushing his arms behind his back. He used the belt to bind his wrists, holding the leather taut. He pulled, yanking Dom’s body to the side a bit and kissed his neck, sucking hard enough to leave a mark. “And in the cab? What were you thinking about in the cab?”

“When you bought me my leather cuff.”

Smiling at the memory, Billy bent his head to blow across Dom’s nipples before pressing his tongue against first one, then the other, bathing each in turn. “And what are you thinking now?”

“Wishing that you’d quit fucking teasing me.”

Billy sunk down to his knees, his lips moving lazily over Dom’s cotton covered erection, the fabric becoming damper as Billy pressed open-mouthed kisses there. Dom cried out a string of ‘pleases’ and curses, begging in earnest. Billy chuckled, running his hand between Dom’s thighs and over his erection before pulling his boxers down and off.

“Alright, you. Be quiet.” Standing up, Billy kissed Dom then led him over to the table, pushing him face down, pulling the belt tighter around his wrists. He kicked at Dom’s ankles, encouraging him to spread his legs wider, as he unfastened his own trousers.

Dom’s forehead was pressed into the table, his eyes squeezed shut, repeating his mantra, “Please, Billy…please, please just fuck me.”

Enjoying the slight whimper in Dom’s voice, Billy ran his hands up and down Dom’s smooth back, over his stretched arms and down to his tight ass. He picked up the bottle of lube, popped the cap, and drizzled the contents into his hand. After rubbing his hands together, he massaged his cock, then pressed forward to let the slick head press against Dom’s tight opening.

Dom pushed back, trying to force Billy to move faster. Hands gripped his hips tightly. He flexed his fingers, searching for something to hold onto.

Billy put the end of the belt into Dom’s hands, enjoying the way Dom gripped it tightly, the black leather between white knuckled fingers.

“My pace, love.” Dom nodded his head and struggled to remain still.

Pushing forward again, Billy sunk into Dom slowly, feeling the muscles clench around him. His fingers returned to the base of Dom’s neck, kneading the tense muscles there. He waited until he heard Dom exhale harshly, close to losing control, before he began pumping his hips, sliding in and out, his actions long and hard.

Dom cried out, turning his head to rest a flushed cheek against the cool table. He both strained against and pulled tighter on his restraint, his biceps flexing. His vocabulary shrunk to just one word, Billy’s name. It became both a plea and a declaration, which he called out loudly in praise and desperation.

Billy grasped Dom’s cock and stroked him in time to his thrusts, which had become short and deep. They came together, Billy shuddering into Dom, Dom shuddering into Billy’s hand. Billy collapsed forward onto Dom, moving just his hips to pull out. They rested there for several minutes before Billy leaned up to kiss Dom’s cheek, the skin hot beneath his lips.

“Are you alright?”

Still breathing heavily, Dom nodded his head.

Billy stood up and released Dom’s arms. He pulled him upright and tight against his chest. “Love you.”

“Love you, too.” Dom let his head roll back onto Billy’s shoulder and kissed whatever part of his face that his lips found. “Was I worth it?”

“You’re always worth it.”


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