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Title: Night Blooming Jasmine
Pairing: Marton/Karl
Rating: quite pg-13ish
Notes: For the Lotrips Slash Wedding Ficathon, and specifically for [ profile] ktnb who requested silver rings, an allergy and happiness. I hope you enjoy.

Looking at Karl, Marton knows that he means the words they vow to one another.

He hasn’t always known he would say them, of course. Well. He suspected he would one day, but not to Karl. That thought had never even crossed his mind, and it had plenty of opportunity, especially when Karl was dressed as Cupid and running around the set of Xena looking all buff and…

Yeah, okay. The thought may have crossed his mind about things he would have liked to do to Karl; it’s just that marriage had never been included in those thoughts. This relationship has turned out to be one of those things that couldn’t be planned for. Hell, he hadn’t even known Karl was gay until they were shacked up together in Berlin, sharing a bed and a bottle of vermouth for warmth.

Karl squeezes Marton’s hands, and Marton has a little stab of guilt knowing that the tears in his eyes aren’t an outpouring of his love and devotion as the justice of the peace in front of them rambles some about commitment and eternity. Better to focus on Berlin. Or Karl costumed as Eomer.

Not that there isn’t an outpouring of love and devotion here, Marton is quick to remind himself. There’s that and a great deal of faith, as well, knowing that while New Zealand may be rather progressive and that the world is changing—-men evolving—-it’s still not going to be easy being married. The least of their problems will come from knowing Karl steals the blankets in the middle of the night, and that Marton leaves his shorts and socks in a pile on the bathroom floor. These things will be easy in the face of what may lie ahead.

Best not to think of that either, however. Karl believes that they will weather such things. Zen in the face of mind-blowing sex. Yeah. So back to Berlin.

It hadn’t been such a surprise that after Bourne Supremacy wrapped, Marton and Karl found themselves staying on in Europe for a bit. They’d been friends for a long time and Marton knew that traveling with Karl would be exciting and fun—-an adventure, especially after he’d found out that Karl howled like a dog when he was about to come. They were men. They enjoyed being men together. Fly fishing in Spain, drinking in France, gambling in Monaco. Shopping in Venice.

Okay. Shopping with Karl was a bit of an experience, but the man took to it like he did spelunking or rock climbing. Marton swears Karl got a hard on sliding a silk Versace suit over a specially tailored Oleg Cassini dress shirt. Marton says nothing about sex in a posh fitting room.

Another sniffle and a swipe at eyes that seem a veritable fountain—-another sobering but love filled gaze from Karl.

Marriage never seemed to be in the cards for either man, and yet here they are. Marton knows—-remembers—-that this road has been rough as hell. After all, most people don’t go from bumping into each other on the set of Shortland Street to standing in front of your family and friends to pledge your life to one another. Okay. Marianne and Roger did it, but then they were writers. Hardly the same thing. And they knew immediately. And that was ten years ago.

Marton tips his head back, blinking hard as Karl takes his hand and slides the silver ring over his finger. The rings are another relic from Berlin. A lark. A way to pass time and annoy co-workers. When Matt brought Ben onto the set and Karl noticed they were wearing matching rings, he couldn’t let it go. What men wear matching jewelry to express their friendship, Karl argued. Marton’d pointed out that Billy and Dominic sometimes did, but that just earned him a roll of the eyes and a Billy is Scottish. Marton had no idea what that was supposed to mean, but agreed and then was completely surprised when Karl presented him with this ring.

The ring is actually from New Zealand, and that wasn’t a surprised at all. Karl is romantically sentimental like that. Take the flowers, for instance. Imported night blooming jasmine. Blooming in the day and covering every available surface in pots—-making Marton think that they are here for the duration. While visiting Hawaii, he’d made the mistake of waxing poetic about their scent—-moments before seducing Karl into bed. A man will say a lot of things to have sex. Karl forgets nothing. It’s actually quite endearing.

Another few minutes. Marton can hear his great aunt sniffling into her handkerchief and people shifting in their seats as the end finally seems near. Karl still holds Marton’s hands, but his attention is completely focused on the ceremony. Till death do us part. Amen.


After the ceremony, Marton sits in the kitchen with Dominic, the only room two fellow hay fever survivors can wait out the apocalypse of jasmine occurring in other parts of the house, and stares at the ring on his finger. Forever. Commitment. Announcing to friends, family and the world that this man—Karl Urban—is the best thing since beer and cold pizza. Marton is sure there is a better analogy, but he figures his will do.

“Any other allergies I should know of?”

Marton looks up as Karl enters the room. He smiles before he sneezes and Dominic hands him another tissue from their shared stack. Mired as he is in snot and watery eyes, he shakes his head even as he wonders if there is coconut in the cake. He decides not to mention it.

“I paid Hunter ten dollars to take all the flowers out of our room.”

Oh thank god. “You didn’t have to do that. You went through a lot of trouble planning everything.” Marton smiles and reaches for Karl’s hand again. Dominic slips from the room, knowing that there is another place in the house where he can sneeze in private.

“You know I hired someone, right?”

“Can we burn them at midnight?”

“The plants or the wedding planner.”

Definitely not a mistake, this. Karl understands Marton. Karl loves Marton. Karl is leaving to personally carry out pots of the stuff and dump them at the curb. Forever suddenly doesn’t seem so long.
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From: [identity profile]
Oh, I love it!
Warm & funny (& sexy too!)
Thank you. :-)
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