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I was out for a bit of a wet walk, making it back to my office a scant 10 minutes before the sky opened up in true biblical fashion, and was thinking about my practice tonight since I think I'll have to give the class a miss tonight (more storms *fist*). I was thinking about what would feel good as my back has been bothering me these past few days--child's pose, some cat and cows, down dog....which made me think of this posture we did in class last night: half dog, thread right arm through the left, rest forehead and shoulder on the mat and lift the left arm up to the sky (or bind to hip). I did that last night without stopping to think about it (it feels good! but I was really struggling to keep my mind on my mat and not out wandering the streets). Anyway. Today whilst out walking, I remembered the first time I did that pose and got as far as my shoulder and forehead to the mat before thinking ridiculous! I didn't think there was anyway to stop bracing with my left hand and not fall over. I remembered thinking "do what with my what now?" Now I did it without thinking. I think I could have bound my hand to my hip, too, but I really like the stretching up movement.

I wish I would have kept a better diary of my yoga practice from the beginning, back when it was a revelation to do my one class a week. I remember feeling taller after that first class, like I'd been stretch (of course I had been). I know I fell in love by my third class. At some point I went from buying a six class pass to a twenty class pass to buying an unlimited monthly pass. I'd go everyday if I could.

Alright. Work.

ETA: I found my entry from last July! That pose was actually in my second yoga class ever: Yesterday was more downward dogs than my noodle arms could handle, and this... the memory of it is traumatic: half plank, threading one arm beneath the other to rest the shoulder near the knee, temple on the ground, then twisting the supporting arm across (and behind) the body, that last part I couldn't do since I couldn't figure out how to defy gravity short of levitation.

Traumatic! Noodle arms! I can now defy gravity! Awesome! I actually did end up going to class tonight. We held down dog for ages--it was the rest pose. She also had us hold plank for what felt like years. At the end, she said to go into whatever pose we felt was missing. For me, that's always happy baby, even though we'd already done it three times. It's my favorite.
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I've been reading Anne of Green Gables this week (one of my best comfort books) and took this to heart:

"You clutter up your room entirely too much with out-of-doors stuff, Anne. Bedrooms were made to sleep in."

"Oh, and dream in too, Marilla. And you know one can dream so much better in a room where there are pretty things. I'm going to put these boughs in the old blue jug and set them on my table."

I stopped by the store on my way home last night and bought a pretty white eyelet bedskirt that I ironed and wrestled onto my bed this morning. Then I took my favorite quilt from my old queen size bed and cut it down to fit my new bed. Hemming it turned out to be a tiny nightmare but it looks nice now. I also finally hung a picture in my room--only the second one I've hung in the house since I bought it nearly four years ago. I have plans for a few more things--making a couple of throw pillows, hanging a few more pictures, getting frames for some pictures of family and friends (and cats!).

I spent last night seriously cleaning out my kitchen, too. I couldn't tell if I was tired from working all day or tired from being a bit depressed so pushed through it in case it was the latter (which I'm determined not to give in to--at least sometimes I'm determined) and cleaned out several drawers and cabinets. I was able to weed out a set of dishes we no longer need and a ton of glasses and mugs. I'm hoping I get up in a few minutes to clean out my pantry and refrigerator, leaving just a few more cabinets for the morning but it's not looking good. I'm tired tired now from being outside and from a tough yoga class.

In yoga, we did plow pose--the first time for me. My core is not yet strong enough for that. Rather than looking calm and beautiful like this:

yoga PJA

my hands were holding up my tail end, which was threatening to tip over. When we did it a second time, my Most Favorite Instructor let me use her like a wall and helped me up because I didn't think I could do it a second time. She is very good with the "that's perfect!" "you look beautiful!" "I knew you could do it!" which overrides my internal dialogue, which isn't nearly as nice.

Anyway, plow pose. That picture of Patrick J Adams is the wallpaper on my laptop at home so I spend a fair amount of time looking at it. I was just thinking the other day that there was no way I'd be able to do it, at least not yet. It's definitely not something I'll add to my morning practice because I'd be too afraid of doing it wrong and snapping my neck off my shoulders, but it was nice to do it supervised and push myself a bit harder.

Also this morning, I got my hair trimmed by a new guy, who I kinda liked. We'll see. I've curly hair and it's insanely difficult to find someone who can cut it without ruining the curls (and then blowing it out so I don't notice until later that the curls are ruined). I have grown out some really awful cuts over the years.

Rambling! It's felt like Sunday all day, which is delightful because now tomorrow will feel like a bonus day off. I'm feeling better this weekend, too. Not particularly less sad, which isn't even the right word, but less whatever. More something else.


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