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Hello! It's been a bit. I visit these parts nearly every day and yet have been extremely quiet without meaning to. Nothing exciting is happening here, and I suppose that can be considered a good thing. Spring has definitely arrived, for which I am extremely happy, though my winter here hasn't been nearly as bad as further north. Still, we ended taking five days off this year for the weather, which I don't think has ever happened in the near quarter century that I've lived in the South. I've been making a point to take my lunch outside and really try to pay attention to the flowers and trees as they bloom. It's been quite beautiful though everything now has a haze of pollen. I keep thinking I should bring my camera and take pictures but I'm the worst about that. I'm not even sure where my camera is and I haven't found my cord for it since probably 2007 (I'm exaggerating but not by much).

I started reading actual books this year, too, which I hadn't really done in a long time. I've read more books so far this year than I had all of last year. I'm five books away from having read everything by Kerry Greenwood, she of the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries. I actually liked her other series better because it was quite different from anything I had read before. I've also been reading a lot of science essays, particularly by David Quammen, who I had never read before, and Neil Degrasse Tyson. Quammen has an interesting style. During work, I've been listening to a ton of Podcasts, mostly about history and science. My favorite has been Radiolab, which I had never heard of before, so I've been gorging though it often leaves me feeling unsettled for a variety of reasons.

I've been cross-stitching a lot this year, too, and teaching myself how to hand embroider, which is something my great grandmother used to do. I'm making a quilt for my sister's birthday, if I manage to get it started within the next couple of weeks. That led to a slight obsession with craft blogs for a few weeks :D which has thankfully mostly abated. Though just as typed that I went wandering over to look at them and spent another hour. Crafts! I'm such a sucker. I also really wish I knew how to crochet or knit, or felt inclined to learn.

For a while there, I fell out of fandom completely--all of them. I was a bit bereft about it, honestly, not fanning anything, and so not writing at all. I'd been reading some Suits fics but there isn't much fandom there, which is sad. And then I read some Remus/Sirius--I still really love them. And then, I decided to go back through some old Lotrips that [ profile] kiltsandlollies wrote ages ago (literally, in some cases, ten years), particularly [ profile] inclineoftrees. There is so much from that universe that we never even posted. It sparked a wee revival and I've been reading some bb/dm. I loved them so much and find that I still do (if I steer clear of Dom's twitter account). I mostly liked the characters we created, I suppose, and writing with Laura was such a joy. I'm trying to collect all that now and see what we have and what can be finished and posted. Not that I think anyone will read it anymore but I so want it to be finished. I think I'd have it all printed out just for me into a book so that I have something to read when I'm old(er) and gray(er).

This morning, I roused my mom at an ungodly hour and made her go to the farmers' market with me. Once we got there, there wasn't much going on so I only bought a wee loaf of raisin bread for breakfast tomorrow and then some cookies. We stopped for brunch and shared a western omelet and the oddest bland pancakes. After, we stopped at Belk "just to see" and I ended up buying 8 pair of capris and a new dress that I'm really in love with. The trousers were desperately needed as I only had one pair left from last summer and it's already been in the 80s here this week. The dress wasn't needed at all as I have 14 in my closet. I need tops now but can't find anything cute, all my online shops failing me for the moment, and shoes. Well, I say I need shoes but all I'll really wear until next October is flip flops :D I need more of those. We're home now and I'm planning on doing nothing save reading for the rest of the night.

And there: five paragraphs and you're completely caught up with my life (being that the less said of work the better). My big excitement for the year is that next month, I'm going to meet my most favorite author since I was 18. It's a huge deal for me. I'm really excited (and scared: what if she's an asshole?! It happens sometimes! What if I burst into tears at the sight of her? I didn't with Michael Ondaatje but you never know. What if I completely chicken out and don't go at all? It could also happen. I hope I go.) Not the only thing planned for the year, of course. There will be midsummer celebrations and my birthday and going to Ohio for nearly two weeks and to Florida with already planned Halloween costumes. I'm doing my level best to find small enjoyments every day through out the year so that I don't get as bogged down with work misery as I did last year. One small, round, orange joy is coming my way right now, so I'm going to go scoop him up and give him lovings :D
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Good to know you are OK! I hope you meet your author ad have a great time. And anything that happens in regards to inclineverse makes me happy.

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Thank you :D Hopefully something will happen soon. I'm trying to get out of this funk with my writing. I haven't written anything since December and I hate it!
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I'm actually trying to write a kinkmeme ficlet that totally hits my kink buttons but there are missing bits and I can tell that I'm way OVERTHINKING it :-/
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Yay for meeting favourite authors! When I was like ten i met one of mine (he came to our school to do a reading on his newest children's book, he writes mostly children's lit and YA and I'd read all his YA - or most - at the time) and he took time to talk to all of us and I'd brought my favourite book of his because i wanted to show him i owned a copy and then when he stood in front of me I didn't know what to say or how to say what I wanted to say so he just asked me what my favourite book was and i just looked at my feet and didn't answer (because my favourite book at the time wasn't one of his) and I never even showed him my copy of his book XD

You can't really do worse than that, so don't worry? XD

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Oh no! That totally sounds like something I would have done. I'm pretty determined to go but sometimes my anxiety overtakes me completely and that's that. It's a process :D

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This is *my* first time on here in a bit, so I can relate. Also, this all sounds really lovely.

Sending love and hope to you.

(On a silly note, I read the end of that fourth paragraph as "when I'm older and gayer." Still applicable, I say. :D

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Older and gayer! So much better than the alternative really, though my grays are coming in white, so there's hope yet. At the moment, it makes me look like I have highlights throughout my hair...white highlights.