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Musical Thoughts: Push It

I had a rambling bit of something that I was writing whilst at work but then shut down my laptop without saving :(

Another blog I was reading was talking about her workout playlist and mentioned Tone Loc. Man. I had his cassette when I was very young (you know the one, with "Funky Cold Medina" and "Wild Thing": Loc'ed After Dark). Much like now, I loved (almost) any kind of music when I was a kid and I doubt my mom ever paid attention to what I was buying. I remember when I bought Prince's Controversy cassette, which had one of those stickers from Tipper Gore's Parents Music Resource Center and I thought I was the shit.

Anyway. Mentioning Tone Loc made me remember how excited I was when I bought Salt-n-Pepa's Hot, Cool, and Vicious. I hadn't listened to it in years and just previewed it on iTunes. I seriously considered buying it for a few minutes. Nostalgia: the reason I own Irene Cara songs. The only question is do I buy Hot, Cool, and Vicious or the soundtrack to Krush Groove. I remember the night I bought this album (actual album). I had jelly shoes on my feet and a fistful of allowance money. Am I the only one who remembers that movie? There's a Blondie song on here ("Feel the Spin"). She was on a Project Runway All Stars rerun I watched at lunch. Must be kismet, right? My sister owned Autoamerican. We rewound "Rapture" until we had it memorized. I still know it. It lives in the same mental filing cabinet as every Beastie Boys song ever from Licensed to Ill and r.e.m.'s "It's the End of the World (And I Feel Fine)".

I have the musical attention span of a particularly excitable dog tonight apparently :D

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