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Musical Thoughts: Pokey LaFarge and Leon Redbone

New music day. I was listening to a podcast during work (NPR's Fresh Air) and heard Pokey LaFarge for the first time. He's a blues revivalist. His sound reminds me of Leon Redbone but I think that's mostly because that's an artist I grew up with, a favorite of my mom's, and I've only recently dived into music from the 30s so I don't have the history there, or rather I have musical history in reverse.

As a sidenote, my mom took me to a Leon Redbone concert at a time when I was way more interested in Rick Springfield (a favorite of my sister's) and Cyndi Lauper, both of whom we saw in concert that summer, too. Turn about being fair play, off we went (well, just me and my mom because my sister was three years older and more wily at getting out doing things she didn't want to do). Redbone was opening for Joe Walsh, though we left before he came on stage. My mom was only interested in Redbone and while we had great seats, she realized the contact high would probably stunt my growth (something did!). Looking back, I really wish I hadn't been so mired in preteen angst so that I could have enjoyed it. I was determined to hate everything she liked and destroyed one particularly hated cassette tapes of hers: David Bowie's Let's Dance. I adore Bowie now, because that's how these things works, and the only wonder is that my mom didn't drop me off in the middle of a field for the wolves to raise.

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