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Fic: How I Would Paint Happiness (Lotrips: Billy/Dom)

Title:  How I Would Paint Happiness
writer: [ profile] escribo
fandom:  Lotrips
pairing: billy/dom
word count: 1365
notes: Written for [ profile] msilverstar for his FandomAid bid. I am woefully late, as I was quite positive for many months that I had forgotten not only how to write bb/dm but how to write full stop. My joy in finishing outweighs my need to reread and criticize myself, so no beta. I hope it still fulfills your request!

It was late in the afternoon when Dominic slipped out of the canteen, balancing two cups of tea and a napkin wrapped around a pile of biscuits dusted in blue fairy sugar. The biscuits were gone by the time he left the tent where Peter was watching the rushes, and he’d forgotten his own cup of tea on the table by the door when he detoured through his trailer. Just when he thought he would give up his search and prank Elijah instead, mostly just for the joy of hearing his indignant squawk, Dominic found Billy spread out on his back beneath a flowering tree, its blossoms hanging heavy in the still, humid air. He had an arm draped over his face, hiding his eyes from the sun, the rays of which dappled down between the leaves and freckled his skin with light. He was half Pippin, right then, and half Billy, and thoughts of mischief vanished as Dominic stopped to watch, fascinated.  

They had only been in New Zealand for a few months but it had been been long enough that Dominic felt as if every part of him had changed. He loved it there, loved every moment of it, but mostly he loved this man laid out before him. He’d made friends on set on other jobs before, but they’d been nothing like what he’d found in Billy and he wanted more—burned with it. Not that he’d told Billy because it felt too soon—not in his heart, but his mind said it was too soon even if he was sure that Billy wouldn’t laugh at him. Instead, he’d be gentle but firm in turning Dominic down. He’d seen it before, seen Billy in action in the bars at night after filming, kind in his rejection and more likely to come away with a new friend rather than leave with someone for just the night. He’d probably even give Dominic a hug while he did it, and that would be worse.

Every now and again Dominic couldn’t help but think about how it might go another way if he ever grew a set of bollocks and just said something. Billy might smile up at him, might slip his cool hand to rest cooly on the hot skin of Dominic’s neck and pull him close. Might invite Dominic back to his house and… It didn’t bear thinking about when he was half-Merry, right then, and only half Dominic, expected to radiate hobbity innocence and fraternal love for a most dear cousin as soon as they were called back on set. Stupid Tolkien. Dominic frequently suggested just before Peter called action that Merry would have long ago had Pippin in a convenient corn field just to watch Billy tipped his head back and cackle out loud. He could do that as Merry. It was allowed.

Now, he just stood and watched Billy soak up the sun, long fingers tapping out a rhythm to some secret song that only he could hear. He looked warm and happy where Dominic felt clumsy in his hobbit feet and silly in his costume of short pants and suspenders. It was impossible to imagine making a declaration as he was, the wig hanging in his eyes and the glue on his prosthetics making his ears itch, too big and too small at the same time. He felt sixteen again, sure of everything except how to get laid, and that wasn’t even his endgame.

He took a careful step backwards, meaning to go back the way he came, his mind already retreating to the safer topic of wondering if Viggo would know where to get six feet of sturdy rope so that he could rig up a surprise in Elijah’s trailer. He cursed quietly when he stepped on a twig with toes that he couldn’t actually even feel.

Billy dropped his arm at the sound and twisted up, his smile going sweet and wide in greeting. “‘Lo Dom.”

“I couldn’t find you,” Dominic complained, trying to put a bit of a pout into it because he knew Billy found it funny. He was smiling though—he couldn’t help it whenever he got near Billy—which took any real petulance out of it. Thoughts of Viggo, Elijah, and pranks evaporated for a second time and he shifted from foot to fake hobbit foot as he stared.

“And then you could.” Billy opened his arms lazily, his words ending in a wide yawn. He twisted to roll onto his knees. “You were going to fetch tea,” he accused, eyeing the lone cup in Dominic’s hand.

“This is yours. I had mine.”

"Oh, thank you,” Billy said brightly, taking the offered cup and sipping, grimacing at the overly sugared drink that had gone cold and bitter because Dominic had forgotten to toss out the tea bag. When Billy spoke again, his voice was mournful. “It's half gone."

"I like to think it's half full."

"Ach, an optimist of the worst kind. You weren't bringing me tea at all but giving me your dregs to explain your skulking. Just like an Englishman," Billy complained back at him, the pout looking better on his lips, but he was smiling in the next second, tipping the paper cup back to empty it.  "Terrible,” he added with a mock scowl and bright eyes.

"I was bringing you tea but I couldn't find you and I was thirsty. You said you were going to look at the reels."

"The place was filled to the rafters with elves."

"I know. They ate all the biscuits.”

“There were biscuits? Thieving elves. It was no place for a hobbit who needed some quiet."

"Do you want me to go?" Dominic asked, suddenly worried that he was intruding but Billy only laughed again as he stretched back out beneath the flowering tree.

"No. No, since you’re not insufferable you can stay."

“The elves don’t think so. They pointed out that I have big ears and a bigger nose.”

“And big feet, too? Don’t think I haven’t noticed.”

Dominic blushed as he dropped to his knees in front of Billy. He had a joke but couldn’t say it suddenly, a weird timidity settling around him like a mantle. He fingered the soft tail of his untucked shirt. “They make me feel short. Shorter. In the woefully inadequate way. Sometimes. Not Orlando. Not usually. Not all the time.”

Dominic trailed off, his blush deepening, embarrassed at his rambling. He ran a hand over his neck and then rubbed both palms, sweating now, against his trousers. He didn’t know what to do with the sudden bashfulness, which had never overcome him so thoroughly since he was in first form. He glanced up, expecting Billy’s smile but not ready for the affection he saw in his friend’s eyes. It was overwhelming but still enough to give him the confidence to tip forward, pressing his closed lips against Billy’s. For a moment it was like kissing his maiden aunt, both their eyes opened wide and slightly crossed. He was ready to pull back and apologize, laugh it off as a hobbit prank, but then Billy slipped his cool hand over the hot skin of Dominic’s neck, tilted his head slightly so that their noses were no longer smashed together, and then kissed Dominic.

This wasn’t new, kissing boys, but properly kissing Billy was unlike anything he’d ever felt before. He’d be further embarrassed by the low sort of whimper he was making deep in his throat, but he forgot to be. Forgot everything except the feel of slightly chapped lips, the weak taste of tea and sugar, and just Billy, who was deliciously aggressive and easing Dominic to lie on his back beneath the flowering tree.

“I didn’t think— you’ve turned everyone else down.”

“I was waiting for you.”


“You, who are definitely not inadequate,” Billy whispered against Dominic’s lips, nibbling before he licked back in, kissing Dominic deeply, a drowning man's first breath of air, and Dominic curled his hands into Billy's shirt and clung. “Perfect,” he said breathlessly after another long moment of kisses, their hips pressed together.


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OMG I totally forgot about this, just read it quick, it's a little piece of fandom squee come cheer up my week!

More coherent fb later!

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This is such a pleasant find on a quiet Friday evening.

I loved reading it. Thank you so much for posting it.

...and just Billy, who was deliciously aggressive and easing Dominic to lie on his back beneath the flowering tree - Quite possibly my favorite line.
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Hello! Thanks for reading and commenting. It's been such a long time since I've written these two.
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Billy waiting, awwwww. The imagery in this is so vivid I can see the whole thing in my mind's eye, half Pippin, right then, and half Billy and kissing under the flowering tree. Thank you so very very much!

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I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I hate that you had to wait so long. Thanks for still reading and commenting!

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God, I love how calm and easy Billy is here with Dom, and Dom's complicated and rattled thought processes. I even loved Dom's petulant "I couldn't find you," which is so Dom, oh my god. Sweethearts, gently and warmly written as ever. <3

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So lovely and delicious.