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I broke eight eggs out of a brand new carton by dropping the bag on the floor. I was running to turn off my alarm system and got halfway down the hall before I remembered what I was carrying. Carnage! Luckily, I had bought a slice of ham for no particular reason (I went without a list or a plan and it seemed like a thing to buy at the time, though I also bought pork chops and hot dogs so I was having a bit of a pork moment left to my own dinner devices). Frittata for dinner! I'd never made a frittata before! Good fun with my cast iron skillet and breakfasts for the next three days.

I just got out of a nearly two hour long accounting meeting in a building with no heat. It was like one of the circles of hell. And no Mike/Harvey fic to warm the cockles of my frozen heart (this is a theme with me). I also decided (since I had time to think as my role in the meeting was to just sit there and look pretty) that now that I'm writing (a bit very slowly), I need to finish something--anything--just to feel like I can again. I need a short story. Everything I've started in the last two months has been epic (Harvey and Mike in space! as a sort of Star Wars crossover--languishing at about 400 words but it could be epic and Donna was going to kick ass (literally). Harvey and Mike in college! in the moment before Mike makes a decision that leads to him being kicked out, he meets Harvey who changes his life...about 200 words and languishing. Project Runway!Harvey and Mike...I didn't start writing but oh! the epic table I made of challenges and other contestants and who wins and who gets kicked off. Languishing. Sub!Mike who is picked up in jail (I don't mean...hey baby hey baby picked up but Louis is dispatched to be Mike's "lawyer" but is actually recruiting him for's complicated and it made sense at the time but Harvey's his trainer and they fall in love (of course they do) and it's mostly nearly 2000 words of Louis dialogue that was really fun to write and there was going to be plenty of Harvey pretending not to care but actually coddling Mike but now I'm all "meh" and "where was I going with that?".) I want to write Mike/Harvey and more importantly I want to finish something. I should actually try that rather than write (epic) posts about wanting to do it. Maybe. Maybe I should go back to my h/c bingo card and say 1000 words each. Go!

Or...maybe I should work. I should maybe work. I'm going to go work now.


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