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fox_confessor ([personal profile] fox_confessor) wrote2014-02-20 01:31 pm

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Last night when I got home from work (a bit later than usual), I looked at my girl cat. She was eating and walking around and wanting brushed, and yet cat mommy intuition told me something was wrong. So I presented my seemingly perfectly normal cat to the staff at the emergency cat clinic (an hour away from my house) and told them that something was wrong, and to find it and fix it. And I'm sure they thought I was nuts but x-ray'd her and ran blood work (all blissfully normal) and did a urinalysis and lo: massive UTI. The nurse asked me how I knew: Sophia wanted to sit on my lap. She never sits on my lap unless someone else is visiting ("my mommy"), she really wants to irritate her brother ("myyyyy mommy" usually accompanied by jumping onto the cat already occupying the lap), or she's sick. With no visitors or brother in sight, I knew she was sick even though her nose was normal and she demanded her bowl before we left the house.

We got home around 3:30 in the morning with a shot of antibiotics and pain meds, $600 lighter, and much relief (even though work is hell. soooooooo sleepy).