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This will be a slow project! You can find most of my fics on AO3 as well

These Four Kings
Year 1: one

Hot in the City (Suits: Mike/Harvey)

The Girl I Knew Somewhere (HP: remus/sirius)
You Can’t Have It All (But There Is This) (HP: remus/sirius)
How Does Your Garden Grow (HP: Pomona Sprout, Neville Longbottom)
Runs in the Family (HP: Sybill Trelawney)
Everybody Pays as They Go (Suits: Mike/Harvey)
How I Would Paint Happiness (Lotrips: bb/dm)


Auld Lang Syne Lotrips: ew/dw

Suite #4 in D Minor Lotrips: im/dm

Proof Lotrips bb/dm

A Case of You Lotrips: dm/bb one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / epilogue

The Purloined Heart Lotrips: bb/dm

Unraveling Lotrips: bb/dm, bb/am

The Story So Far Lotrips: bb/dm

Mehndi Lotrips: bb/dm

Awaken HP: Molly/Arthur

All Being Great and Small M*A*S*H Hawkeye/Trapper

Somewhere in France Lotrips: Billy and Elijah


Distracted Lotrips: bb/dm

Variations Lotrips: Dominic

This Flight Tonight HP: Remus/Tonks

Night Time Fell Like the Closing Lotrips: dm/ew

Faith (Lotrips bb/dm)
Untitled (Lotrips Paris/Orlando/Karl)
Prettiest (Lotrips ew/dm)
Cure (Lotrips bb/dm)
Unclean (Lotrips (bb/sa)
Drowning without Panic (Lotrips get Cate)
Exene (Lotrips Christine/Viggo)
Public Indecency (Lotrips bb/dm, ewan mcgregor)
Instants (Lotrips bb/dm)
Too Much (M*A*S*H Hawkeye/Trapper)
Quite Bold Enough (Lotrips bb/dm)
Night Blooming Jasmine (Lotrips Marton/Karl)

Bothered / Bothered (By You) / (Not) Bothered (By You) (Lotrips bb/dm)
The Play (Lotrips bb/dm) act one / act two / intermission / act three
Untitled (Lotrips mo/vm)
Maraon (Lotrips bb/dm) one / two / three / verse fic
The Favor (Lotrips bb/dm)
Goes Good with Vanilla Ice Cream
Twilight (Lotrips bb/dm, ew/dm)
Passing Seasons (dm/omc, bb/dm) one / two
Snapshots (Lotrips bb/ofc, bb/dm)

Grace Is Gone (Lotrips bb/dm) one / two / three / four
Skinned (Lotrips bb/ew)
Winnings (Lotrips bb/dm)
Atlantic Within the Sahara (Lotrips ob/vm)
Billy’s Belt (Lotrips bb/dm)
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Updated 07/14/13

My attempt to be organized! I wish I had started this ten years ago (!) when I started this journal. This is definitely a work in progress and doesn't begin to include even a quarter of the fics and art that I've read/look at and loved. It was just the ones I had at hand at this very moment. I'm working on it :D

Harry Potter: Remus/Sirius )

Harry Potter: Other Pairings and Gen )

Lotrips and The Hobbit )

Suits: Mike Ross/Harvey Specter )

Castle )

Emergency! )

Other Fandoms )
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I'm not sure if anyone is still viewing this journal but I will be moving it to dreamwidth (user name "fox_confessor") and then deleting. Most of my fics (at least my Harry Potter and Suits fics) are already on AO3 under username "escribo".
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This is my "jump starting an old lawn mower" practice. Drabbles! Precisely 100 words (or where is the challenge). Three days in a row is a start, I think. Now let's see if I remember how to post to LJ.

Title: Jump Start Drabbles
Fandom: Multi: Suits, SPN, Lotrips (so far)
Pairing: Mike Ross / Harvey Specter, Castiel / Dean Winchester, bb/dm
Rating: Pretty PG so far
Word Count: 300 (and counting)

Day 1: Suits: Harvey/Mike )

Day 2: SPN: Castiel/Dean )

Day 3: Lotrips: bb/dm )
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New music day. I was listening to a podcast during work (NPR's Fresh Air) and heard Pokey LaFarge for the first time. He's a blues revivalist. His sound reminds me of Leon Redbone but I think that's mostly because that's an artist I grew up with, a favorite of my mom's, and I've only recently dived into music from the 30s so I don't have the history there, or rather I have musical history in reverse.

As a sidenote, my mom took me to a Leon Redbone concert at a time when I was way more interested in Rick Springfield (a favorite of my sister's) and Cyndi Lauper, both of whom we saw in concert that summer, too. Turn about being fair play, off we went (well, just me and my mom because my sister was three years older and more wily at getting out doing things she didn't want to do). Redbone was opening for Joe Walsh, though we left before he came on stage. My mom was only interested in Redbone and while we had great seats, she realized the contact high would probably stunt my growth (something did!). Looking back, I really wish I hadn't been so mired in preteen angst so that I could have enjoyed it. I was determined to hate everything she liked and destroyed one particularly hated cassette tapes of hers: David Bowie's Let's Dance. I adore Bowie now, because that's how these things works, and the only wonder is that my mom didn't drop me off in the middle of a field for the wolves to raise.
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I went to Washington, D.C. this weekend and had a really lovely time. I mean, seriously, a wonderful time. I purposefully (and successfully) didn't think about work at all, and became all happy and rested and then bubbled up with hope and delight and plans and ideas. After touring about in the morning and mid afternoon, I'd head back to the room after a fairly early dinner (usually with a cupcake in hand) and spend the evening cross stitching in the room's super comfy chair whilst listening to music or reading or reading whilst bathing. I had bought this album by Olafur Arnalds and Alice Sara Ott called “The Chopin Project” and have been listening to it for days and days.

Of course, work has nearly sucked out all the joy.


There is an Elaine de Kooning exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, which was the reason I went. She painted my favorite portrait in the place: JFK in greens and yellows and blues and light. I visit it every time I go, and I loved having a chance to see more of her work. I also went to the National Archives, the National Zoo (the suck, honestly (so many school children. Quite possibly all the school children), though I did see one and a quarter pandas before tossing my hands up in defeat and heading toward the exit. Pro tip: if you're going, get off on the Cleveland Park station. The walk is lovely and flat and there's a huge Art Deco style building and it will have you searching for the cost of homes ($210,000 for 400 square feet! I could live in 400 square feet!) The Woodley Park station is torture and hate and fear and loathing (by method of hill).

There was also food, so much food, and by liberal use of Yelp, it was all very good food: The Pita House in Alexandria (which is divine. Laura and I went there for my birthday two years ago and I've been dreaming of it since), Hill County BBQ (near the NPG), Old Ebbit's Grill (near the White House), Paul's Bakery (at the Navy Memorial. I even forgive them for putting olive in my ciabatta roll because the sandwich: mozarella, pesto, tomatoes, and arugula, was so perfect), Los Cuates (fresh, fantastic Mexican in Alexandria). And cupcakes. I might have visited Alexandria Cupcakes three times. It couldn't be helped! (coconut, carrot, lemon, vanilla with raspberry, strawberry, chocolate with mocha icing). The boxes held two! I couldn't just buy one. That would have been unAmerican.

Of course, my favorite part of D.C. is the metro. I stayed in Alexandria at the Hilton near the King Street metro and the Amtrak, which is so incredibly convenient. I could walk to the hotel from the Amtrak station (after a mere ten hour train ride) then take the metro into the city, thus never stepping foot into a D.C. cab, which is always my goal.

anyway. Back now. It was a crazy time to take vacation, especially as I had just been out of the office the week before for a conference. I'm still not caught up. I may never be caught up (especially because I'm anti-working weekends this year). Particularly as my boss and I had a very odd four hour meeting that ended up including a surprise lunch (student appreciation day happened outside her door. totally forgot about that.) It's just been two days and I'm already feeling a bit defeated and my lovely vacation glow of energy and excitement are pretty much tamped down.

For fun today, I delivered a gift that I picked up from the White House Visitor's Center (quite a nice little quasi museum btw, though I was more enamored of the space, the Malcolm Baldrige Great Hall, which had belonged to the patent office and had the most amazing plaster ceiling) to a coworker who has a weird Taft thing. She was very excited that I had found a bookmark that had President Taft in his car. (A serious Taft thing. She managed to rename our "social wellness committee", which she leads, to T.A.F.T ...let me think: Something and Fellowship Tribute committee. They picked the acronym and then made up a name to go with it.)
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I had a rambling bit of something that I was writing whilst at work but then shut down my laptop without saving :(

Another blog I was reading was talking about her workout playlist and mentioned Tone Loc. Man. I had his cassette when I was very young (you know the one, with "Funky Cold Medina" and "Wild Thing": Loc'ed After Dark). Much like now, I loved (almost) any kind of music when I was a kid and I doubt my mom ever paid attention to what I was buying. I remember when I bought Prince's Controversy cassette, which had one of those stickers from Tipper Gore's Parents Music Resource Center and I thought I was the shit.

Anyway. Mentioning Tone Loc made me remember how excited I was when I bought Salt-n-Pepa's Hot, Cool, and Vicious. I hadn't listened to it in years and just previewed it on iTunes. I seriously considered buying it for a few minutes. Nostalgia: the reason I own Irene Cara songs. The only question is do I buy Hot, Cool, and Vicious or the soundtrack to Krush Groove. I remember the night I bought this album (actual album). I had jelly shoes on my feet and a fistful of allowance money. Am I the only one who remembers that movie? There's a Blondie song on here ("Feel the Spin"). She was on a Project Runway All Stars rerun I watched at lunch. Must be kismet, right? My sister owned Autoamerican. We rewound "Rapture" until we had it memorized. I still know it. It lives in the same mental filing cabinet as every Beastie Boys song ever from Licensed to Ill and r.e.m.'s "It's the End of the World (And I Feel Fine)".

I have the musical attention span of a particularly excitable dog tonight apparently :D
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I ran across an entry by someone who was reminiscing about the beginnings of Livejournal, back when you had to have an invitation to join. Mine was from [livejournal.com profile] untappedbeauty back in 2002. I had just discovered slash that summer and began posting stories to a Lotrips yahoo group in August ( this one, actually, which I'm not going to reread because it'll make me want to crawl under a rock). She had the most gorgeous Sean Bean icon. I don't think she's around here much anymore, but then I haven't been either. I keep thinking about how much I miss journaling and then I reminded myself that there was a remedy for that.
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Title: Hot In the City
Fandom: Suits
Pairing: Mike Ross / Harvey Specter
Rating: PG-13 (mostly for impure thoughts)
Word Count: 3740
Summary Mike owns a hot dog cart and Harvey really loves hot dogs, and while that sounds like the beginning of a porno, there is no actual sex. There's just two guys falling in love over a shared love of wieners.

Read more... )
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Title:  How I Would Paint Happiness
writer: [livejournal.com profile] escribo
fandom:  Lotrips
pairing: billy/dom
word count: 1365
notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] msilverstar for his FandomAid bid. I am woefully late, as I was quite positive for many months that I had forgotten not only how to write bb/dm but how to write full stop. My joy in finishing outweighs my need to reread and criticize myself, so no beta. I hope it still fulfills your request!

Read more... )
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Title: Everybody Pays As They Go
Author: [livejournal.com profile] escribo
Fandom: Suits
Pairing: Mike/Harvey
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6670
Summary: AU. Mike is Harvey's masseur.
Warnings: None

Read more... )
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Title: Runs in the Family
Author: [livejournal.com profile] escribo
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2533
Summary: It's 1980 and Sybill can see into the future. There's just a small problem of her family curse.

Read more... )
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THIS DAY, you guys. the medical stuff )

So after alllll that, the work stuff )

So, there was that. My jaw hurts. My stomach hurts. My back hurts (always). My uterus tried to escape. I burnt my tongue on the soup I bought for dinner and couldn't finish it anyway because my cramps started again and I went to bed (anyone else get super cold when they have cramps? weird. and cramps in my feet. What's that about? I don't keep my ovaries in my feet.) for three hours, after which I got up to have cake for dinner and bitch to LJ for thirty minutes.

AND THEN because this day didn't suck nearly enough... I wrote a pinch hit for a community that shall not be named (but it's a good community, a good fest, run really well). Mind, I haven't written anything since December. FOUR MONTHS. I volunteered for this in a moment of pure altruism. I wanted to help a lovely mod out. I'd written for the fest before. I knew what it was. I read the prompt and the rules before agreeing. I wrote my fic. 2500 words that I was quite pleased with. I remembered at 9 last night (when I finished) how much I enjoyed writing. That kind of fic. It was lovely. It was also so very much wrong that the mod can't use it. I'm gutted. I can't believe I did that. This week.

Anyway. I'm going to post it to [livejournal.com profile] escribo and AO3 because why not. I wrote a thing. I like my thing. I can't believe I finished a thing at all much less enjoyed it. And then I'm putting myself to bed and getting through this week. There's still a lot stressful moments to be had but there is also chocolate.

Oh, and I didn't even get to talk to the doctor about my back. Or well, I did but then he wanted to give me a cortisone shot but I felt I hadn't explained the problem very well and I was really tired and upset and the prospect of a shot in the wrong place wasn't appealing, so I'm going back in a few weeks to see a sports medicine guy once I know what's going on with my stomach. And if it's an ulcer, I'm naming it after my former boss and blaming it on work.
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Hello! It's been a bit. I visit these parts nearly every day and yet have been extremely quiet without meaning to. Nothing exciting is happening here, and I suppose that can be considered a good thing. Spring has definitely arrived, for which I am extremely happy, though my winter here hasn't been nearly as bad as further north. Still, we ended taking five days off this year for the weather, which I don't think has ever happened in the near quarter century that I've lived in the South. I've been making a point to take my lunch outside and really try to pay attention to the flowers and trees as they bloom. It's been quite beautiful though everything now has a haze of pollen. I keep thinking I should bring my camera and take pictures but I'm the worst about that. I'm not even sure where my camera is and I haven't found my cord for it since probably 2007 (I'm exaggerating but not by much).

I started reading actual books this year, too, which I hadn't really done in a long time. I've read more books so far this year than I had all of last year. I'm five books away from having read everything by Kerry Greenwood, she of the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries. I actually liked her other series better because it was quite different from anything I had read before. I've also been reading a lot of science essays, particularly by David Quammen, who I had never read before, and Neil Degrasse Tyson. Quammen has an interesting style. During work, I've been listening to a ton of Podcasts, mostly about history and science. My favorite has been Radiolab, which I had never heard of before, so I've been gorging though it often leaves me feeling unsettled for a variety of reasons.

I've been cross-stitching a lot this year, too, and teaching myself how to hand embroider, which is something my great grandmother used to do. I'm making a quilt for my sister's birthday, if I manage to get it started within the next couple of weeks. That led to a slight obsession with craft blogs for a few weeks :D which has thankfully mostly abated. Though just as typed that I went wandering over to look at them and spent another hour. Crafts! I'm such a sucker. I also really wish I knew how to crochet or knit, or felt inclined to learn.

For a while there, I fell out of fandom completely--all of them. I was a bit bereft about it, honestly, not fanning anything, and so not writing at all. I'd been reading some Suits fics but there isn't much fandom there, which is sad. And then I read some Remus/Sirius--I still really love them. And then, I decided to go back through some old Lotrips that [livejournal.com profile] kiltsandlollies wrote ages ago (literally, in some cases, ten years), particularly [livejournal.com profile] inclineoftrees. There is so much from that universe that we never even posted. It sparked a wee revival and I've been reading some bb/dm. I loved them so much and find that I still do (if I steer clear of Dom's twitter account). I mostly liked the characters we created, I suppose, and writing with Laura was such a joy. I'm trying to collect all that now and see what we have and what can be finished and posted. Not that I think anyone will read it anymore but I so want it to be finished. I think I'd have it all printed out just for me into a book so that I have something to read when I'm old(er) and gray(er).

This morning, I roused my mom at an ungodly hour and made her go to the farmers' market with me. Once we got there, there wasn't much going on so I only bought a wee loaf of raisin bread for breakfast tomorrow and then some cookies. We stopped for brunch and shared a western omelet and the oddest bland pancakes. After, we stopped at Belk "just to see" and I ended up buying 8 pair of capris and a new dress that I'm really in love with. The trousers were desperately needed as I only had one pair left from last summer and it's already been in the 80s here this week. The dress wasn't needed at all as I have 14 in my closet. I need tops now but can't find anything cute, all my online shops failing me for the moment, and shoes. Well, I say I need shoes but all I'll really wear until next October is flip flops :D I need more of those. We're home now and I'm planning on doing nothing save reading for the rest of the night.

And there: five paragraphs and you're completely caught up with my life (being that the less said of work the better). My big excitement for the year is that next month, I'm going to meet my most favorite author since I was 18. It's a huge deal for me. I'm really excited (and scared: what if she's an asshole?! It happens sometimes! What if I burst into tears at the sight of her? I didn't with Michael Ondaatje but you never know. What if I completely chicken out and don't go at all? It could also happen. I hope I go.) Not the only thing planned for the year, of course. There will be midsummer celebrations and my birthday and going to Ohio for nearly two weeks and to Florida with already planned Halloween costumes. I'm doing my level best to find small enjoyments every day through out the year so that I don't get as bogged down with work misery as I did last year. One small, round, orange joy is coming my way right now, so I'm going to go scoop him up and give him lovings :D
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and spoke too soon.back at the emergency vet waiting to see whats wrong with the girl. good thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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Last night when I got home from work (a bit later than usual), I looked at my girl cat. She was eating and walking around and wanting brushed, and yet cat mommy intuition told me something was wrong. So I presented my seemingly perfectly normal cat to the staff at the emergency cat clinic (an hour away from my house) and told them that something was wrong, and to find it and fix it. And I'm sure they thought I was nuts but x-ray'd her and ran blood work (all blissfully normal) and did a urinalysis and lo: massive UTI. The nurse asked me how I knew: Sophia wanted to sit on my lap. She never sits on my lap unless someone else is visiting ("my mommy"), she really wants to irritate her brother ("myyyyy mommy" usually accompanied by jumping onto the cat already occupying the lap), or she's sick. With no visitors or brother in sight, I knew she was sick even though her nose was normal and she demanded her bowl before we left the house.

We got home around 3:30 in the morning with a shot of antibiotics and pain meds, $600 lighter, and much relief (even though work is hell. soooooooo sleepy).
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Today I did something new at work. I quit worrying about all the things I wanted to do and just did my fucking job. This was actually a first in a long time. Usually I spend hours bemoaning the not spent writing (then never write), refreshing tumblr, which I don't even much care for, refreshing cnn or bbc (a girl can never have enough things to worry over), worrying over things (that can't be helped by worrying over), feeling sorry for myself, or just plain being in a funk. These are my ruts. They are deep.

So today I put everything in a pile and I worked, and when I felt myself being distracted, I got up and went to the mailroom or took things to be shredded or ask someone a question. I got a lot done, unsurprisingly and with very little drama or angst. I made a running to do list for when I thought "I need to do that" instead of stoping to do it (likely ending up with two things unfinished) and abused my stickies horribly. It was a good day. I felt like I did good work for the first time in an age.

Anyway. I started to tell a friend about Longbourne and how it was set during Pride and Prejudice and she said "I'm totally reading P&P right now" (out loud to her kids, I might add, because she an awesome mom). I love my friends.

To bed.
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I have to admit to having become very lazy over the last few months, but over the last few weeks especially. It's been delightful, or would be if I didn't suffer from Protestant Guilt (I should be working! Why am I not working?). I've cross stitched and read (nearly fifteen books this year so far, which I think might be a record since my twenties), and watched documentaries, and had brunch (only the once, this morning, but it was delightful and deserves a mention). My house is a tip (well, parts are, because I have a natural tendency toward cleanliness that I picked up I know now from whence because certainly all my family, even the bits I don't talk to, tend toward hoarding). I've given up cooking almost completely--we have soup and sandwiches and eggs, when one of us can be bothered, or cereal. Lots of fruit and cocoa, because that's delightful, too.

The guilt ruins it all slightly (though only slightly, not enough to make me change, it appears) and I've even called it being "lazy" above. Why do I feel like I need to do more, do you think? I have no one to please but myself, so why is it being lazy? Because it feels like being lazy. I suspect it's because I'm a woman and so I've been conditioned to think I have to be Doing and Managing and Keeping House, and whiling away a perfect good Sunday doing nothing but things that give me pleasure must be wrong in an inherent sort of way. Things are getting done (I mean, the Things That Must Be Done Eventually By Someone)--I've paid my bills for the month, my kitchen isn't literally a cesspit, the garbage can is on the curb, the litter boxes are relatively clean. I should have vacuumed maybe. The new blind (one broke) and air filter are bought but not actually installed. That could have been done today, I suppose. What I need to do is banish guilt though. It's a mostly useless emotion, right? Unless I've actually done something bad to hurt someone else, and I don't think my floors being a bit bad is doing that.

I don't want to go back to cooking, though. All that work for a twenty minute meal? When I do, it's because I have a taste for something, like beef stew or spaghetti.

Anyway, I'm not being lazy tonight. I'm enjoying myself tonight because tomorrow it's back to work where not doing anything all day (or at least only things that bring me pleasure) should leave me riddled with guilt :D Tonight I'm leaning toward chicken noodle soup (from a can!), a thick slice of bread and butter with orange marmalade (I've bought the lovely expensive stuff as a treat because my grocery bill has been slashed drastically since I don't buy meat anymore), an orange, and a cup of cocoa. More cross stitching. More reading. More of the ridiculous Chuck (it's not all documentaries).

Anyway, after my weird spiral of anxiety / sadness / terror that was Friday night, I took myself out of the house on Saturday for some tiny shopping and errand running, and perspective returned (for the most part). I bought myself a tiny blue porcelain bird and a loaf of rye bread. I started reading Longbourn by Jo Baker, professional (and exceptionally well written) Pride and Prejudice fanfiction :D about the lives of the Bennet's servants. I quite like it though I suspect awful things are going to happen at some point and I'm not going to like it as much anymore.
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Title: How Does Your Garden Grow
Author: [livejournal.com profile] escribo
Rating: G
Word Count:1856
Characters and/or Pairings: Pomona Sprout, Neville Longbottom
Summary: Neville stops by to visit with Pomona
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: These characters belong to J.K. Rowling
Author's Notes: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] pavlablack for the help. Written for the 2013 [livejournal.com profile] hoggywartyxmas fest.

Read more... )


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