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fox_confessor ([personal profile] fox_confessor) wrote2014-02-17 11:03 pm

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Today I did something new at work. I quit worrying about all the things I wanted to do and just did my fucking job. This was actually a first in a long time. Usually I spend hours bemoaning the not spent writing (then never write), refreshing tumblr, which I don't even much care for, refreshing cnn or bbc (a girl can never have enough things to worry over), worrying over things (that can't be helped by worrying over), feeling sorry for myself, or just plain being in a funk. These are my ruts. They are deep.

So today I put everything in a pile and I worked, and when I felt myself being distracted, I got up and went to the mailroom or took things to be shredded or ask someone a question. I got a lot done, unsurprisingly and with very little drama or angst. I made a running to do list for when I thought "I need to do that" instead of stoping to do it (likely ending up with two things unfinished) and abused my stickies horribly. It was a good day. I felt like I did good work for the first time in an age.

Anyway. I started to tell a friend about Longbourne and how it was set during Pride and Prejudice and she said "I'm totally reading P&P right now" (out loud to her kids, I might add, because she an awesome mom). I love my friends.

To bed.