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My attempt to be organized! I wish I had started this ten years ago (!) when I started this journal. This is definitely a work in progress and doesn't begin to include even a quarter of the fics and art that I've read/look at and loved. It was just the ones I had at hand at this very moment. I'm working on it :D

Fic: Harry Potter: Remus/Sirius

A Bright Particular Star by [ profile] flambeau One of my most particular favorite fics.
Summary: Remus and Sirius celebrate their last Christmas at Hogwarts.

A Lie Gets Halfway Around the School Before the Truth Has a Chance to Get Its Pants On by [ profile] midnitemaraud_r
Summary: Remus' seventh year had commenced in the ordinary fashion, if anything about his life at Hogwarts could be accurately described as 'ordinary'. But when a potions incident leaves him up the proverbial creek, things quickly take a turn for the worse—or perhaps for the better, if Sirius has any say in the matter.

A Place Only We Know by [ profile] protegonox First war story coming together story set in Finland. Really great descriptions (I mean, just incredible). The story had true emotional depth, too. I almost didn't read it because it deals heavily with religion (and Remus' loss of faith) but I'm so glad I did. It's wonderfully written.

A Storm in a Teacup by [ profile] noscrubs12345. A Raising Harry story told from Harry's POV. I liked the story when I read it and then after I'd thought about for a bit, I liked how it really fit the prompt.
Summary: Recognition of our mortality, or that of the one we love, can be terrifying. And when Harry Potter is six-and-a-half years old, it threatens to tear his family apart.

Absurd Joy by [ profile] falling_voices. There is truly an absurd joy to this story.
Summary: Sirius bartends in a Muggle bar, winter after graduation, and Remus spends his Saturday afternoons smoking on a high stool, drinking rum and tossing peanuts at him when he thinks he isn’t looking.

Another Day in the Sun by [ profile] rewrites24
AU for [ profile] rs_games It's kind of amazing, and perfect for the time of year. A bit creepy and hopeful and beautiful and *sigh* I spent an incredibly happy lunch hour reading it.

Art Appreciation by [ profile] eprime
Summary: A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession. - Albert Camus (R)

Dark Hours by [ profile] museme87. All kinds of perfect hurt/comfort goodness
Summary: Times are growing darker. Order missions are failing and the body count is rising. But Remus knows he'd be able to make it through all that, if it weren't for this.

Ever After by [ profile] busaikko
Non-magic AU. Once upon a time, an astrophysicist was wooed by the gay Scheherazade... I like stories that feel really grounded and real, and this is that.

flash/back by [ profile] llassah Brilliant "lying low at Lupin's" fic, just incredible. I can't even describe it. The dialogue is great and there's an easiness to the writing, a maturity--the boys are very mature--I just. Seriously one of my favorites.

From Moon to Moon by [ profile] izzybeth An AU set in 1426 AD where Sirius travels East along the Silk Road and meets a wolf. So original and so engaging. Great characters, great universe building, and a terrific use of magic.

Home for the Holidays by [ profile] laroseminuit (for [ profile] rs_small_gifts)
When Dumbledore told Sirius to lie low at Lupin’s, he didn’t know that Sirius was already a resident there.
I've really enjoyed all the stories/artwork posted so far this month at [ profile] rs_small_gifts but this one spoke to me, dude. It's really beautifully written, wonderfully detailed, and the characterizations are subtle but true. I was really delighted the entire way through reading it.

Homecoming by Frantic. Remus helps Sirius celebrate his first flat. Smoking and Frantic's description of love are amazing.

I Gave Up Dreaming for a While by [ profile] cursedinsanity
Summary: AU. Running his runaway wife's café isn't what Remus Lupin always wanted to do with his life, especially not when he's expected to take care of his son at the same time (PG)

I Haven't Got a Fishing Pole by [ profile] rhye An interesting take on the art, definitely a good, creative use. Quite funny.
Summary: Sirius is working on a secret project, and Remus is desperate to know what it is.

Latte Art by [ profile] so_jayded This was just the sort of story I love spending a lunch with. Long enough to really sink into and so lovely to read. The writer doesn't reveal everything at once, but holds her cards close to her vest. It's nice finding out about Sirius at the same time Remus does, so you can all fall in love together :D The dialogue and characterizations are really well done, too.

Legacy by [ profile] carmentakoshi This is a strange and wonderful au. At least one character is definitely from another time and place :D I said in my comment that it's like a kaleidoscope and I think that honestly best describes it.
Summary: Sirius has a legacy from another time. Remus has cleaning woes.

Lived That Kind of Day by [ profile] mindabbles
Summary: If anyone had bothered to ask, Sirius would have told them he'd never see home again. But life, he's often found, has a way of surprising you (R)

Loneliness Makes Strange Bedfellows by [ profile] dogsunderfoot
Summary: A gift for the unborn Potter fawn becomes a strange focal point for a lonely Sirius (NC-17)

Men of Six O'Clock by [ profile] llassah
An historical AU (French Revolution) with adventures and rescues and romance.

Of Cinema and Sticky Notes by [ profile] bluepeony
AU: Remus Lupin is the office bore. Sirius Black is the office sweetheart. They fancy each other, on a purely aesthetic level. Here's another. It's anxious and lovely, which aren't two words I usually use together but there you are.

Photograph of a Love Song by [ profile] remuslives23 AU Sirius is a photographer, Remus is a jazz musician. Love ensues. some beautiful, sexy, romatic moments.
Summary: Sirius Black has always wondered it ‘the one’ truly exists. He finds the answer where he least expected it.

Remus Lupin's Guide to Successful Courting by Children of the Shadows
A bit off-beat AU but a good read

Riding the Rails by [ profile] thesiriusmoon AU set in America during the Great Depression. This is incredibly detailed, wonderfully researched, and an engaging story. Excellent read.
Summary: During the Great Depression, more than a quarter of a million teenagers left their homes and hopped freight trains looking for work or adventure…

Shadows from Five Billion Trees by [ profile] amuly MWPP era gorgeous, gorgeous work
Summary: Every childhood is filled with magic – school of witchcraft and wizardry or no.

Since by [ profile] archduck An AU where Remus passes away from his lycanthropy, this fic takes a beautifully well written and incredibly sensitive look at how Sirius deals with the aftermath. Sad, yes, but also hopeful in the end, and so well done.
Summary: AU. Remus’ premature, lycanthropy-related death hits Sirius harder than he ever could have imagined

Sirius has better things to do than listen in class by [ profile] kingzgurl FOR ME! So awesome. Stick figure porn, realistic wizarding class notes, and stick figure porn. Made me laugh forever.
Summary: A series of class notes and doodles by one Sirius Black, who is far too intelligent to be bothered paying attention to what is actually going on in his lessons

Smoke Signals (The Beer and Breakfast Remix) by [ profile] rian219
Summary: What we've got here is a failure to communicate (R)

Some Dream By Day by [ profile] remuslives23 I loved this so much I've read it multiple times. It's just really very good.
Summary: "Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act out their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible." - TE Lawrence.

Sunlight by [ profile] binarykittens Wonderful dialogue, lots of boys being boys. There's a lovely structure to the story, and the writing is really brilliant as is the characterization. There were a tons of lines I'd love to quote back, especially the last. It was all so perfect.
Summary: Sirius despises the sun with every fibre of his being. Remus is going to try to change his mind.

Take This Longing by [ profile] pica_scribit
Sad, sad, sad, sad but it tells a really lovely story about what might have happened during the war to throw Remus and Sirius' relationship off course.
Summary: If Remus doesn't need him anymore, then what's the point of anything? (April 1981)

Take This Sinking Boat (And Point It Home) by [ profile] remuslives23
Summary: Sent on a mission by Dumbledore, an estranged Remus and Sirius must find a way to push their mistrust and anger aside and work together (NC-17)

Talking of Michelangelo (The Come and Go Remix) by [ profile] toujours_nigel
Summary: Remus has always liked to be let in (G)

The Centre Cannot Hold by [ profile] kaydeefalls

The Door through the World by [ profile] amuly (also on AO3)
Growing up under the stern hand of Walburga Black was nothing less than torture for young Sirius. Until one day, he found a small, forgotten door, hidden in a store room. It was through this door that Sirius discovered a whole other world, and a whole other life. Ah-May-Zing. I printed this out (all nearly 100,000 words) in something like 8 point font and no margins so that I could take it with me to Florida to read in the train station (since I had hours to wait) and then finished it just before we pulled into Orlando. There is so much to love about this: the characterizations, the story--the structure of it, the telling, the idea of it. The writing is so good. I was able to get totally lost in it (which turned out to be excellent thing because I'd forgotten to charge both my iPods before leaving and this helped me to tune out my surroundings. Excellent work. Definitely one of the best stories in r/s.

The First Few Feet by to be revealed
summary: "Remus Lupin, 11-and-a-half years old, kept his good foot steady underneath him and knocked an iamb against the frosted glass." The First of September, 1971, the day they first met, and incidentally also the first time Remus saw Sirius Black's feet.
This is really delightful, beautifully written.

The (Idiotic) Things We Do For Love by [ profile] museme87
Summary: Despite the fact that Remus is notoriously straight, Sirius will stop at nothing to win the heart of the man he loves, even if it means risking his manhood in the process

The Stars Aligned by [ profile] laroseminuit Brilliant au with biology professor Lupin and astrophysicist Sirius Black making all the geeky puns and pick-up lines in the world. Brilliant (did I mention that?)
Summary: AU. Professors Black and Lupin, University of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts College of Science, enjoy a quiet Christmas Eve.

This Is the Life by [ profile] xkeijukainenx AU after the war with a Remus who never attended Hogwarts. I love this to bits. The dialogue, characterization, pacing, plot--everything--was exactly right for me. This is very different Remus, one who is at turns obnoxiously camp and heartbreakingly fragile. I just loved it.
Summary: After the war, Sirius becomes an uptight, high-ranking Ministry official; but when an old childhood friend comes unexpectedly back in his life, he learns what it is to let go and live and love once more - the question is, will Remus let him?

This Is Who You Are by [ profile] so_jayded First War (with MWPP era) As her summary says, experience makes the man. Loved this.

Those Who Wander by [ profile] thesiriusmoon A cool and different Bring Back Black fic. Quite dreamlike as Remus goes on a quest to find Sirius.
Summary: He would go anywhere, do anything, and give up the world, if it meant getting him back.

Three Card Monte by [ profile] linckia_blue. One of my most favorite AUs ever.
Summary: In which you can’t cheat an honest man, or, in which Remus and Sirius steal a piano.

Three Little Words by [ profile] oftirnanog. MWPP era h/c, my favorite kind of fic. Brilliant James here, too.
Summary: Sirius taking care of Remus after the full.

Too Much Momentum by [ profile] seren_canis Very sweet!
Summary: The irony was, being from such an aristocratic and ancient household, Sirius couldn’t help but believe that love was such an old fashioned word. But, when Sirius Black was 15, he felt it. And boy, had James Potter got it all wrong.

Under a Blue Moon by [ profile] only_veetee An incredible, detailed AU where Remus was raised by Fenrir. I love how the relationship between Remus and Sirius builds and the ending is good, too. Excellent work.
Summary: Remus was raised as Fenrir Greyback's son. During the first war, James and Sirius are sent to persuade the werewolves to join their side.

Washed on the Shore of Second Chance by [ profile] mindabbles Gorgeous AU that gives Sirius a second chance with a Remus who doesn't know him. There's a lot of flirting :D and a great coming together.
Summary: Sometimes Remus catches him standing in the shop, staring. He looks like he's somewhere far off and he walks around the shop touching things – shelves, books, pictures on the wall. He studies them with his uncomfortably intense gaze as if he's remembering something far away. Sometimes he looks at Remus like that.

What Always Was by [ profile] dogsunderfoot
Delicious non-magic AU that bring Remus and Sirius together in a really funny and sweet way.
Summary: Sirius Black and Remus Lupin are friends caught up in the same dilemma: trying to find the perfect man. Why is it so difficult to find someone who is perfect for each of them?

When the Bubble Bursts by [ profile] remuslives23. An AU that changes the events following Lily and James' death. It's just that first night but so very beautifully told, and so very realistic.
Summary: Remus was always good at pretending.

Where the Heart Is by [ profile] edgewareroad A Next Gen story featuring Teddy. Really well written. I loved it just for that.
Summary: Teddy moves out, discovers a letter from his father, and comes to a realisation.

You're My Land, Ahoy (Yeah, You're My Boy). by [ profile] batmanboxers Really funny with a great Severely Put Upon Remus
Summary: Remus’ day should not consist of broken prototypes, a furious redhead, two nosy friends, or a Captain who keeps setting fire to the ship, but it does, and he really shouldn’t be surprised.

Art: Harry Potter: Remus/Sirius

Behind Closed Door by [ profile] calico_lupin Really beautiful drawing of them post Azkaban

Can't Have One Without the Other by [ profile] mypretty_art What I like best about Jamie's work is that it is consistently Remus and Sirius and consistently authentic to the 70s. Also, no one works as well with light and shadows.

Entre Chien Et Loup by [ profile] epithalamium
The art in the HP fandom is really phenomenal and this is a perfect example of it. Really beautiful interpretations of scenes from the books.

Flight by [ profile] littlewolfstar
Steampunk meets Remus/Sirius :D These are really lovely drawings.

Follow Your Own Tracks by [ profile] kath_ballantyne Beautiful work. It looks like ink drawn on parchment (possibly the marauders' map?), which give it a timeless appeal, as if it had been created in their world.

Seeking Shelter by [ profile] lolasangel A beautifully rendered moment before Sirius ends up in Azkaban
Summary: Sirius' last moments before the meeting that would inevitably put him in Azkaban.

We Three Pieces of Not-So-Orient"> by [ profile] mypretty_art Really lovely (as usual) and a good, subtle use of color.

Harry Potter: Other Pairings and Gen

41 Random Facts about James Potter by [ profile] xylodemon
Summary: A few things James thinks you ought to know.

A Very Potter Christmas by [ profile] perilousgard Lily as a chalet girl at the Potter winter cottage. This was a really lovely story, with a truly earnest James and Lily not quite ready to give in but so nearly there. Really a delightful read. (James/Lily)

All I Want Is Everything by [ profile] dorrie6 (James/Lily)

All Is Calm by [ profile] museme87 a beautiful character study that shows a really lovely Lily (James/Lily)

All You Need by [ profile] eprime (Remus/James) Fantastic dialogue for my secret OTP by my favorite r/s writer. This is really a fantastic James, too. (And I could stare at the prompt picture for ages.)
Summary: Easter hols sixth year, James shows Remus that there's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be. (It's easy.)

Beautiful Misfits by [ profile] kiss_me_cait23 (James/Sirius) Just a moment, but a truly lovely one.
Summary: War is brewing, and sixteen-year-old Sirius Black has chosen the family he made over the family he was born to. But coming home isn't always easy, and young hearts don't always listen to danger.

Going, Going... (Gone) by [ profile] apohdiopsis (Lily/Alice, Lily/James) So this Alice isn't how I envision Alice at all but she is quite engaging anyway--alluring. She reminds me of the character of Claire in the movie Enigma--passionate and beautiful and completely selfish. I rather loved this story because of it.
Summary: "It was like a leaf loving a hurricane. It couldn’t last."

Golden Lads and Girls All Must by [ profile] hyacinth_sky747 It's mostly about Gideon and Fabian Prewitt but truly it is about the whole Order. My particular favorite characters (beyond Gideon, Fabian, and (her original) Walter) are James, Molly, Remus and Professor McGonagall. There's so much and it's so rich. I quite adore it, and not only just because she 1) came over from Lotrips where she was one of my writers, and 2) I got to see it as it was being constructed. It has grown so much since I saw it last, and I hadn't any advance knowledge of the ending, which really left me breathless.

Home, Somehow by [ profile] holyfant (Lily/Alice)
Bad ass Order ladies (and a delicious glimpse of James, Remus, and Sirius)

On Golden Sands by [ profile] museme87 (Alice/James) This gives us an older, more mature Alice and storybook hero James. I loved that it was told from Alice's POV and she gives us the best of James and a realism that was quite endearing.
Summary: Even after they're both long since gone, Alice will remember him like a hazy dream—his insurmountable youth and the taste of the sea in the air.

Seven for Some Secrets Never To Be Told by [ profile] kiltsandlollies Lily, gen, and very lovely

Smoke and Mirrors by [ profile] perilousgard (James/Petunia) This was one of my prompts and the writers did such a good job with it. It's funny and heartbreaking all at the same time. Perhaps the first time I ever thought "poor Petunia".
Summary: Exactly as the prompt says. Petunia has to deal with the consequences of a love potioned James for a day!

The Last Christmas Tart by [ profile] fwittney (James/Lily) A lovely, young Lily and James meeting over the last tart, with a rather sour Snape in the background. This is what I think would happen if Disney got ahold of the enterprise, and I can't say that I'd be sorry for it. Lily's eyes! James' nose! I'm rather fond.

The Moon So High by [ profile] pavlablack (Lily/Remus) A good insight into Remus, and a chance for something different. The writer has a good rhythm to her work.
Summary: When Remus and Lily return to Hogwarts from the worst Christmas ever, they find solace in each other.

When In Manchester by [ profile] randomneses (James/Lily) James goes home with Lily. Truly realistic. I forget sometimes to really think about Lily's background, and this fic will be my baseline from this point forward. Love her James, too.

Lotrips and The Hobbit

Before You See Things the Right Way Up by [ profile] kiltsandlollies (The Hobbit/Lotrips: Martin F. and Billy B.)

Configurations of Sanctified Loose Ends by [ profile] feelforfaith (R) (Dom/Viggo, implied Dom/Billy)
Summary: The questions he'd been running away from came back at him full speed, demanding answers. He stayed locked in the bathroom, determined not to open the door if Viggo knocked insisting that he talk to Billy. How very adult of him. Sod it. Sod it all. When was the last time he did something that made him feel like a responsible adult anyway?

Cover from the Sky by [ profile] kiltsandlollies (NC-17) (Billy/Dominic; Billy/Ali; Billy/Ali/Dominic; some Ali/Dominic)

Mexico by [ profile] lavitanuova (bb/dm)

Sabotage by calico (NC-17) (ew/vm/ob/dm/bb)

Fic: Suits (Mike/Harvey)

5U175 by closer. I think this officially puts everything she's written on my list. I avoided this one (I do that, thinking "meh. I won't like that." and then it's totally the most awesome ever (see also, "This Tornado Loves You". This was so awesome.
summary: Harvey sometimes moonlights as a Star Trek BNF. Mike might have an attitude problem on the internet. TiberiusGhost is strangely compelling, for a recluse who never goes to meetups, and Harvey's finding this kid Photohead vaguely familiar...

Answer in the Form of a Question by Blackstar777
Everything seems to be back on an even keel after the drama at Pearson Hardman and the emotional tsunami that ripped through Mike’s life: Gram, Tess, Rachel. So of course that’s when he and Harvey end up having phone sex. The sex scene in this is amazing, whichever one. All of them. It's just a really sexy story.

Bean Me Up by Khasael (Suits: Mike/Harvey)
Sweet, sweet, sweet getting together story, the kind I wish had gone on for forever. Harvey's love of Star Trek is used in a great way, I think.

Best in the World by mskatej
Mike takes ecstasy with a hot client at a Pearson Hardman function but once he’s high he’s only got eyes for Harvey. There is a surprising dearth of (really good) sex in Remus/Sirius fic's not that I forgot about sex but it's not what I tended to look for in fic there for a while. Suits fandom? Rife with it. Every kink imaginable, every position, every possible combination. Soooo much playing with power dynamics, which I love. But mostly? really incredibly written sex scenes. Porn that actually really hot. This is a good example--in character, funny in all the right places, and hot.

Blurred Haze by Enigmaforum. So...Mike/Harvey. Hurt/Comfort. Well written. Sensing a theme :D summary: the associates of Pearson Hardman take their "welcome" rituals too far.

The Bushwick Avenue Stomp by agatestones
summary: Things that could cause Harvey Specter to be unreachable for three days included: running off to Vegas to get married (maybe), a secret ops mission to Afghanistan, a horrible sensory-deprivation tank accident, or open-heart surgery.
Long! Plotty! And so well done. The characters are fantastic, even Rachel. I think this is one of the only fics I've read that really gave her a personality beyond sex kitten and explained why she is the way she is (without explaining at all). She's a character here without being angel or devil. I found my Rachel appreciation with this fic. And she's not even the focus. There's pretty much nothing I don't love about this story.

Excerpts from The Gospel of Harvey Specter, edited by Michael "Forever Awesome" Ross, 2011, 1st Ed. by RC_McLachlan.
summary: Mike can totally read people. Well, most people. Some people. Or maybe just Harvey, who's pretty much an open book.

Futures that Might all Start Someday by tattoedsiren
summary: Even as Mike was saying the words he knew it was a mistake. There is no going back from something like that, but maybe that's what he wanted, that self destruction, a final fuck you to Harvey and the world at large. Intellectually and with the wisdom of distance Mike knows he should've done anything other than tell Rachel, that maybe his relationship with Harvey would've been salvageable had it not been for this one last thing. But now he knows that there is no way back from this.
That's it. It's all over. He has officially lost everything he cares about.
Mike gets a second chance fic! I love it. Really well done.

Gag Order by Joni_Beloni
So...I'm not sure what to say about this one. Read the tags--it's full of Things One Must Warn For (and for good reason). To be honest, when I saw where it was going, I skipped ahead until I found where the comfort starts (around chapter 10) being all "yeah, yeah, yeah bad people in the world, let's get to the making Mike feel better". Still, it's well done. I just have a low angst threshold.

Good Boy by MajaLi
Summary: After a long process of trial and error, Mike becomes Harvey's sub. Or maybe he always has been.

Got a Real Jam Goin' Down by RC_McLachlan.
Summary: Harvey has a family. An actual family. Mike needs to re-adjust his entire world view because this means Harvey isn't the bastard child of Lady Justice and Frank Abagnale.

Grande Soy Triple Dirty Chai by friskaz.
summary:"Harvey is (still) a lawyer. Mike is the only barista that gets his coffee order right, and isn't afraid of a bit of intelligent and snarky banter."

Heartbeat at my Feet by Arsenic
Summary: Dr. Harvey Specter, DVM, gets assigned oversight of Mike Ross' sentenced community service hours at the local university's veterinary clinic. *hearts in eyes*

He's a Friend by [ profile] janedujour Mike/Harvey. Hurt/Comfort. Well written. These are a few of my favorite things. Summary: Mike accidentally imposes on Harvey's evening with a "friend" when he is mugged in the neighbourhood and needs a place to crash.

Here at the End of All Things by tattooedsiren (Suits: Mike/Harvey)
AU apocalypse fic, which I never read but did this one and have gone back to it again and again because... I don't know. It's sad and quiet and desolate, and then totally hopeful at the end. I keep coming back to it. I think I've read it at least five times in the last week and a half.

Human Qualities by tunes84. See above. summary: On the morning his body is used to shatter one of Pearson-Hardman's finest glass conference tables, Mike comes into the office exactly twenty-seven minutes late.

I Don't Feel Right (When You've Gone Away) by IDreamOnlyOfYou (lauren3210)
summaryHarvey loves his suits. But there maybe something else he loves more.
Hurt/comfort! You know how I feel about that :D but also, this is pretty much a love story but not just between Mike and Harvey but between Harvey and his suits. Also, she's one of the only writers in Suits fandom to get the hospital stuff right (and with good reason but still I cringe sometimes at other fics. this is cringe free.)

Lit Up by [ profile] phreakycat This is beautiful.
Summary: Mike has synesthesia, which turns out to be a blessing, a bit of a curse, and an unconventional way to finally get his boss naked.

Midnight Encounter by [ profile] laughter_now
summary: While staying over at Harvey's place for the night, Mike has an accident. Harvey remains calm and matter-of-fact about it like the mature adult he is. That is, until he sees the blood...

Needs Must by thatotherperv. Holy smokes. The first one I read (and I'll be honest--dropped it into a doc and changed the names to Remus (playing the role of Mike) and Sirius (playing the role of Harvey). That worked for me. But then somewhere along the line I didn't need to change the names. It was still Remus=Mike, Harvey=Sirius, as if Remus and Sirius were actors playing a role. Make sense? Whatever. The writing is excellent and it's smoking hot. summary: When Grammy needs an upgrade in care, Mike knows that the usual one-off gig as a paid submissive won't be enough. He takes a job he's been refusing for a while - a long-term, full-time contract. He expects his client to be a sadistic asshole. He expects not to like it. He's wrong on both counts. This is, at heart, schmoopy hookerfic.

Not the Worst Stepdad in the HIstory of Everything by Pookaseraph
summary: When the son he never knew he had is deposited on his doorstep by Child Protective Services, Harvey does the kindest thing he knows how to do: put Mike Ross on the case. Mike responds by doing what he does best: get emotionally attached to the client.

Off Empire State Out of the Moon by [ profile] tiptoe39 I kept avoiding this fic because I thought I wouldn't be interested but...sorta was :D
summary: Senior partner Harvey Specter needs an associate. But Pearson Hardman only hires alphas.

Pizza and a Movie by Closer
summary: In an alternate universe, Harvey's still a lawyer but Mike's not a pot runner -- he's a deliveryman for Rollo's Pizza and Ribs, which happens to be Harvey's favorite pizza place. Once Harvey finds out his pizza guy is a genius, Mike's life takes a few turns he would not have expected... Very engaging. I might have spent more than a few hours with it. Bonus? Donna's version and Harvey's version and it abounds in epilogues, of which I deeply approve.

Silent Vigil by [ profile] laughter_now
summary: When Harvey gets hurt, Mike doesn't quite know how to deal with it. Especially once he finds out that there's something Harvey has been hiding from him. It even has an epilogue.

The Care & Keeping of Harvey Specter's Puppy by smartalli.
A little on the sweet side of what I'm looking for in this fandom so I almost didn't read it, but there's this character called Donna (I guess...not having seen the show remember) who sounds completely awesome. I've cast her, too, so I'm not sure I want to see who the actual actress is. Such a weird relationship I have with this fandom. Anyway! This is really sweet, and I like that it's nearly completely from her POV.

The Go To Guy by Closer. Holy crap. I put this one off thinking I wouldn't like it but ADORED, even with the funky film noir quality (or maybe because)
summary: Harvey's client is trying to take on the mob, in the form of John "Three-Guns" Boccacho. Johnny Three-Guns has decided Harvey's an easier target, but fortunately Harvey's top PI and all-around badass, Mike Ross, is on the case.

The Haunting of Harvey Specter by ladyknightanka
Summary: The awkward morning after a drunken one night stand, Harvey and Mike agree never to discuss their relationship again, but memories of that otherwise foggy affair begin to assail Harvey. How can he continue seeing his clumsy associate in a platonic light when he dreams of making him scream with pleasure every time he falls asleep? Matchmaking women and the green-eyed monster aren't making things any easier.

The New Deal by Closer. Gen Mike and Harvey and so perfect. I loved this one. summary: Harvey Specter, second year law student at Harvard, was walking home one night when he found a teenaged runaway named Mike freezing to death on his doorstep.

This Tornado Loves You by liketheroad. So deeply satisfying, even the hurt-y parts. I read it in one night. Totally worth it.

Upside Down and Inside Out by mskatej. It's like fucking slowly :D I really like Mike in this one.

Vantage Points by [ profile] laughter_now
summary: Harvey and Mike are good at keeping their relationship out of the office. So good in fact that nobody even knows they're in a relationship in the first place. At least not until this one morning in front of the court house, when an accident nearly changes everything and the last thing Harvey cares about is keeping their relationship secret.

Walk the Line by [ profile] laughter_now
summary: Mike is convinced he doesn't like anal sex. Harvey sets out to prove him wrong (and is smug about it). That's really the entire plot that snuck in there.

Fic: Castle (Ryan/Esposito)

Living Undercover by Shrift
summaryEsposito liked to keep things neat, orderly. His clothes, his desk, his apartment, sure, but his desire for order applied to other things, too. Like his privacy, his personal life.
Straight up Esposito fic. She does excellent characterization and dialogue.

Observe and Detect by Shrift
summaryIn which there is an early morning call-out, breakfast food betrayals, the pulling of pigtails, and a groove that gets lost and found.
First time fic makes my heart sing. Also, excellent characterization and dialogue makes me weep that she's only written the two.

That Star Fall Down by fiercynn
summaryRyan opened his mouth to give a sharp retort, but a sudden look at the expression on Esposito's face made him close it again. He looked not only pissed, but a little too invested; and there was that strange feeling in Ryan's stomach again, except this time it wasn't heavy so much as tight and clenched, threatening to choke all the air out of him.
A great mystery. I love those, too.

221 Verse by [ profile] jessicalynn8383
Unfortunately this is a WIP that will never be finished, which completely sucks because it's a really good read. Still, there's a lot here and I enjoyed every last bit of it. Great Esposito--just how I like him: protective, funny, endearing, smart (mostly protective, though. I've got a thing.)

Lay You Down Like a Throw Rug by coffeebuddha
summary: In which Javier accidentally becomes an interior designer, Kevin is the homicide detective who's been quietly pining for him for ages, and everyone thinks swatch is a stupid word.
I pretty much loved everything coffeebuddha wrote in this fandom but this is my favorite because I love an AU (also Esposito).

Putting Out Fire (With Gasoline) by doctorsyntax
summary: Kevin Ryan's the newest recruit at the FDNY's 12th battalion, and everyone in his unit is welcoming and friendly—except, of course, the smoking hot Javier Esposito. But as the saying goes, where there's smoke, there's fire—and Kevin's about to feel the heat.
Okay, I'm pretty much speechless over a firefighters AU (and my next set of recs will likely easily explain why). This is hot (heh) and good.

Emergency! (gen)

Yuma, a really great writer who is still publishing fic in this fandom. I love every single one of her stories. They showcase the great relationship between Johnny and Roy but also all the other firemen. She does excellent characterization and dialogue. Her story lines are well thought out. The best part is that she doesn't just write great stories featuring Johnny and Roy but she writes everyone really well. I'm so in love. My favorites? Run and Blind Faith. Oh, and First Order of Business. (Blind Faith is one of my go to h/c fics)

The Best of Intentions by Enfleurage
summary: No one wakes up in the morning and plans to cause a car accident, or a health crisis, or die in a fire, or paralyze a city…
She writes Johnny really, really well. There's also a lot of realism, well written storyline.

Watch Me Burn by Enfleurage
summary: On a steamy summer night, Station 51 is called out for what seemed to be a simple house fire

Alllll of Coneycat's stories, of which there are two, which is really depressing. She's funny and her stories are adventurous and I can't believe there are only two. (You are in luck if you like Avengers, though, as she's written a lot there)

Heritage by ubicaritas
summary: An early-morning fire at an abandoned building nearly proves fatal for two members of Station 51.
Focuses on Hank Stanley and Johnny Gage and a burning warehouse. It's a great read.

Stay Off the Roof by sendal
Okay, this one? Creepy as hell (as in spooky) and soooooo very good. She another where I say read allll the fic

The Cat Came Back by SBG
Johnny is sweet talked into spending Halloween with the DeSotos. But with the second full moon of the month approaching, anything could happen. And it does.
Long, plotty, protective partner, well written, hurt/comfort--essentially everything I love in a fic


Arthur and the Real Boy by Frantic
(Merlin/Arthur) AU where Merlin is an art student working in a bookshop and Arthur is a business student and captain of the football team. Love ensues. One of my most favorite fics ever (and the only Merlin fic I've ever read).

The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

All That's Left You by [ profile] kiltsandlollies (Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel from the book The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel)
Two things: first, if you haven't read this series, do. The ending blew me away. There's also just so much, I can't even. It's history and science fiction and good writing and I totally didn't see the ending, which I love. Second, I don't rec [ profile] kiltsandlollies because she's my best friend. I rec her because she's an amazing writer, which I loved about her before I knew her, and the story is just this quiet moment before the action starts in the books, and so much of it is what I love about Nicholas Flamel's character. Also she manages Perenelle very well, which is awesome because she's something of a problem character--hard to pin down, and Laura gets her.

The Office

Hearts and Flowers by [ profile] belovedsnail (Ensemble)

The Prestige

The Turns You'll Take by [ profile] kiltsandlollies (Borden/Borden)

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