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Disclaimer: A work of fiction; the recognizable people in the story belong to themselves and have never performed the actions portrayed here. I do not know the actors nor am I associated with them in any way. If you are underage, please do not read this story. I am not making any profit from these stories, nor do I mean any harm.

Title: Faith
Pairing: bb/dm
Rating: R
Summary: There are no short cuts
Notes: Written as a five word challenge from Kia, [ profile] rynalwyn and [ profile] crazybutsound, though I’ve long since forgotten what the words were.

“Faith-a-faith-a-faith, I gotta have faith-a-faith-faith! Ba-beh!”


“I know you’re asking me to stay—“


“Say please, please, please don’t go away—“


“Yeah, Bill.”

Billy twisted the keys from the ignition and threw them into the back seat. Dom looked over his shoulder and then sat back in his seat, still tapping his fingers in time to the silenced music. “Touchy.”


“Great waves though.”

“Are you sure the phone’s not working?”

“Positive.” Dom held up his phone and waved it in Billy’s face. “Dead. No signal out here. Miles and miles from anything. ‘Course, if the navigator had correctly read the map.”

“You turned left. Did I tell you to turn left? No. Big sign pointing right that said Los Angeles and you turned left. Opposite direction of big sign.”

“Would have taken hours to go back that way.” Dom turned to look out the side window to avoid the glare he knew had just been leveled at him. “Mark’s going to kill us.”

“Correction. Mark’s going to kill *you* for getting us lost.”

“Surfing was your idea.”

“Mexico was yours.”

“They’ll notice we’re missing and send someone out to look for us.”

“Did you tell Elijah where we were going?”

“Um…” The barren desert suddenly looked appealing again.

“So, no one knows where we are. We’re going to die in the middle of the desert.”

“Is that what they taught you at the Royal Academy of Scottish Actors?”

“Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.”

“Yeah. Right. Quit being dramatic was my point, Sir Boyd. Someone will come along and open this diner in the morning and we can use their phone. No worries, mate.” Dom twisted in his seat and started searching the backseat. “Where did you throw the keys?”

“Why didn’t you tell, Elijah?”


“Elijah. Your boyfriend. Why didn’t you tell him where we were going?”


“Not what?”

“Not my boyfriend. Not anymore. Not for a while now.”

“What? Turn around. Quit looking for the keys. What are you talking about?”

“We stopped seeing one another.”


“As in not seeing one another anymore.”


“His toes.”

“What? Turn around, Dom.”

“Found them. His toes. They’re surreal.”


“Long. Really long. Could have swung from a tree long.”

“And this, coming from you.”

“Don’t start. Remember, I know about your—“

“You broke up with him after a four year relationship because his toes were too long. Jaysus. Is there really no signal on the phone?”

“Wasn’t a four year relationship. We were on again off again, you know that. And it wasn’t because his toes were freakish. Okay. It was, but not just that.”


“It wasn’t about toes.”


“No. I didn’t abandon him. We talked about it, agreed it was time to just end it. It was mainly about the sex anyways. Not that I don’t love him—I do, it’s just that sometimes I think that I—Where’re you going?”

“The diner.” Billy slammed the car door and then rubbed a spot on the filthy glass fronting the diner. A car door slammed behind him and he heard Dom’s shoes crunch on the gravel. “I don’t think anyone’s been in there for years.”

“Sure they have. It’s just dusty out here.”

“The roofs caved in.”

“It’s not caved in.”

“I can tell when a fucking roof is caved in.”

“It’s dark. It’s just a shadow.”

“The fucking shadow looks arboreal”


“There’s a fucking tree growing in the middle of the fucking diner. It’s abandoned and we are going to die.”

“Calm down. Just don’t panic.”

“I’m not fucking panicking. But maybe you didn’t notice that we’re stuck in the middle of fucking nowhere because you took a wrong turn and didn’t tell your boyfriend because his fucking toes are too fucking long”

“I didn’t break up with him because of his toes. And we didn’t break up, we just decided to end it. Together. It was all very circumspect and mature. You would have been proud of me.”

“I’m overflowing with pride in you. I’m practically oozing with pride. Of course, I’ll be even prouder if you get us home. Shite, it’s cold out here.”

“It gets cold in the desert at night. Nothing to hold the heat in.”

“Thank you, Professor Yaffle.”

“Well, let’s get back in the car. Can’t do anything until the morning when the wait staff comes in.”


“Toss the keys over, will you, Bill?”

Billy closed his eyes, his mouth forming a thin line. “Who crawled into the back to retrieve the keys?”

“You don’t—“

“And who was the last one out of the car?”


“They’re on the fucking seat. You left them in the car. Why did you lock the doors!”

“I live in Los Angeles.”

“I’m breaking the window.”

“No! You’ll ruin it.”

“I’m not going to freeze just to keep from damaging your car.”

“I’ll keep you warm.”



“I’m breaking the window.”

“No! Billy!”

“Mary, Mother of God, what are these windows made of. Fuck, my hand.”

“Let me see.”

“Just go away, Dom.”

“Told you, you were cranky. Now let me see your hand. You’re not even bleeding.”

“It hurts.”

“There. Better?”

“No. And I’m still bloody frozen.”

“C’mere then.” They were quiet for a few minutes as Dom looked up to the tapestry of stars. “Beautiful out here.”

“Yeah.” Billy turned his head to look up at the sky. “I’m sorry about you and Elijah.”


“So, you were mature about it.”

“Very. Are you comfortable? Warming up?”


“Are you surprised about Elijah and me?”

“I guess not. Not really. I wish you would find someone who made you happy, though.”

Dom briskly ran his hands over Billy’s back, trying to warm him up. Billy turned away from the night sky and buried his face into Dom’s neck. Dom turned his head in, resting his cheek on Billy’s. “Being with you makes me happy.”

“But then my nose is too long. Or I’m too short.”

“It wasn’t about his toes. Not really.”

“Then what was it? I really thought you two were in love. You told me you were in love.”

“I do love him. But, we were sitting there watching telly one night and I couldn’t stop staring at his feet. I suddenly couldn’t stand the thought of him putting them on me. Stop laughing.”

Billy further burrowed his face into Dom’s neck, his shoulder shaking with mirth. “They could have—“

“What! Stop! I can’t understand you!”

“They could have loosened you up while his hands were occupied with the condom.”

“Ewwww. You are evil, Bill.”

Billy held his sides as he laughed, tears rolling down his cheeks.

“I’m scarred for life now, you understand. Here I am pouring out my heart to you, and you’ve left me tainted. I’ll never be able to look him in the eyes now.”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Billy took a deep breathe, covering his face with his hands and trying to stifle another round of giggles. “I’m sorry. Just a little punch drunk.”

“Yeah, okay. As long as my pain is giving you amusement.”

Billy allowed himself to be pulled back against Dom where he leaned against the car and rested his head back against Dom’s shoulder. They were quiet for a long time, the sky turning from dark to the light of bright pre-dawn blue. “So, you two are still friends?”

“Thought you were asleep.”

“Just dozed off. We should have walked during the night. It’ll be too hot later.”

“Walk where?”

“To a phone. I’m not keen on the thought of being out here all day, too.”

“But someone is going to come.”

“Tree in the middle of the fucking diner. Remember? No one is coming.”

“You’re not too short. And I love your nose.”


“If we’re going to die. I want you to know. You’re nose is perfect. And you fit perfectly inside my arms. And I think that you’re perfect. I always have.”

“We’re not going to die. That was just the Royal Scottish thing.”

“No, I know. It’s just, if we were, and I hadn’t told you, you know. Have I weirded you out?”

“No. Not at all. Just a little unexpected is all.”
“Is it?”

“I guess not.”

“Good. Truth about Elijah?”


“We were watching telly, that movie with Dougray Scott, that one about the war?”

“Yeah, yeah—Enigma.”

“Yeah. We were watching that and I kept wanting to talk about it but not to him, you know? I kept wanting to call you and tell you what was happening. And I kind of realized. I love Elijah, but in a grounded kind of way. I love you in a cislunar kind of way.”



Billy leaned in and kissed Dom, their noses squishing comfortable, and ending in a laugh. “You know. In case we die.”

Dom started to lean in again when he saw the lights of a car bumping down the road. “Ahh! Look! Told you it wasn’t abandoned.”

Billy twisted in Dom’s arms before stepping away from him. They both walked towards the road, flagging down the first car they’d seen all night. It slowed to a stop before them, before the window rolled down.


“Yeah, flat tire.” “Lost.”

“Do you have a spare?”

“No, took it out to fit the surfboards. How often do you need one, yeah?”

“I’ve got a spare in the boot but it won’t get you far. Where you headed?”

“Los Angeles, but really just to the nearest phone would be great.”

“That’s where I’m headed. Just came back from Mexico. This is a great shortcut.”

“That’s what I was telling my friend, Billy.”

Billy rolled his eyes, “We thought maybe we’d just wait until the diner opened.”

“Looks abandoned, mate.”

“You’re from Britain, as well?” Dom quickly asked, flashing a smile to Billy.

“Yeah, North London. Funny me finding the two of you out here, yeah?”

“You look really familiar.”

“I get that a lot. Should have your tire fixed up in a moment.”

Dom and Billy watched as the guy changed their tire and then stood up, brushing dust from his jeans. “There you go. Just be careful on it.”

“Ta. Will be good to get home.”

“You’ve been out here all night?”

“Most. I kind of locked the keys in the car.” Dom walked back over to Billy and rubbed his arms. “Gets cold out here.”

“Yeah, nothing to hold the heat in.” Dom dropped his head onto Billy’s shoulder, to hide his laughter. “Anyways, it looks like the back door is unlocked. Did you try it?”

Billy crossed the distance in an instance and jerked the door open, turning to glare once again at Dom.

“I swear I didn’t know. I promise.” Dom took Billy back into his arms and hugged him tight, his body shaking with laughter. “I promise. C’mon it was worth it, right?”

“You know it’s nice.”

Billy and Dom remembered themselves and stepped apart. “What’s that, mate?”

“Seeing the two of you together. It’s nice. Can tell you must really be in love.”

Looking back at one another, Billy smiled at Dom’s blush. “Yeah. Feels like two puzzle pieces coming together, yeah?”


“Anyways. Hope you get back to L.A. all right. You sure you wouldn’t rather I just drive you?”

“No. I think we’d like to go on alone for a bit longer. But how can we repay you?”

“No need.” They watched the man get into his car and take off down the road, before getting into their car. When Dom started the engine, he smiled at Billy again and began to sing along once more.

“You say I’m giving you the blues”

“Hey, Dom.”


“This isn’t the….no…”

“What’s that?”

“That guy. You don’t think…I mean he looks like—“

“George Michael?”



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