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Fic Index

This will be a slow project! You can find most of my fics on AO3 as well

These Four Kings
Year 1: one

Hot in the City (Suits: Mike/Harvey)

The Girl I Knew Somewhere (HP: remus/sirius)
You Can’t Have It All (But There Is This) (HP: remus/sirius)
How Does Your Garden Grow (HP: Pomona Sprout, Neville Longbottom)
Runs in the Family (HP: Sybill Trelawney)
Everybody Pays as They Go (Suits: Mike/Harvey)
How I Would Paint Happiness (Lotrips: bb/dm)


Auld Lang Syne Lotrips: ew/dw

Suite #4 in D Minor Lotrips: im/dm

Proof Lotrips bb/dm

A Case of You Lotrips: dm/bb one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / epilogue

The Purloined Heart Lotrips: bb/dm

Unraveling Lotrips: bb/dm, bb/am

The Story So Far Lotrips: bb/dm

Mehndi Lotrips: bb/dm

Awaken HP: Molly/Arthur

All Being Great and Small M*A*S*H Hawkeye/Trapper

Somewhere in France Lotrips: Billy and Elijah


Distracted Lotrips: bb/dm

Variations Lotrips: Dominic

This Flight Tonight HP: Remus/Tonks

Night Time Fell Like the Closing Lotrips: dm/ew

Faith (Lotrips bb/dm)
Untitled (Lotrips Paris/Orlando/Karl)
Prettiest (Lotrips ew/dm)
Cure (Lotrips bb/dm)
Unclean (Lotrips (bb/sa)
Drowning without Panic (Lotrips get Cate)
Exene (Lotrips Christine/Viggo)
Public Indecency (Lotrips bb/dm, ewan mcgregor)
Instants (Lotrips bb/dm)
Too Much (M*A*S*H Hawkeye/Trapper)
Quite Bold Enough (Lotrips bb/dm)
Night Blooming Jasmine (Lotrips Marton/Karl)

Bothered / Bothered (By You) / (Not) Bothered (By You) (Lotrips bb/dm)
The Play (Lotrips bb/dm) act one / act two / intermission / act three
Untitled (Lotrips mo/vm)
Maraon (Lotrips bb/dm) one / two / three / verse fic
The Favor (Lotrips bb/dm)
Goes Good with Vanilla Ice Cream
Twilight (Lotrips bb/dm, ew/dm)
Passing Seasons (dm/omc, bb/dm) one / two
Snapshots (Lotrips bb/ofc, bb/dm)

Grace Is Gone (Lotrips bb/dm) one / two / three / four
Skinned (Lotrips bb/ew)
Winnings (Lotrips bb/dm)
Atlantic Within the Sahara (Lotrips ob/vm)
Billy’s Belt (Lotrips bb/dm)